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I think I see the third eyelid...

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I've never really understood how to tell what the third eyelid looks like- on either dogs or cats

Right now Cricket (temporary name!) has weird looking eyes. I don't know the technical terms here but it looks like they're tilted in towards eachother. For example, when you're looking at him, his left eye is twisted to the right and his right eye is a little twisted to the left. It's a lot easier to notice when the light is bright and his pupils (hey is that the right term!? I think it is!) are small & kind of oblong... Also in the inner corner of the eye there is like part of his eye socket covering a wedge of his eye? Is that the 3rd eyelid? It's definetely sticking farther out than his brothers.

Does the twisty eye have anything to do with me being able to see his third eyelid?

I have a vet appt for 3:40 on Tuesday but I'm wondering if I should take him in to another vet that is open tomorrow... I'm guessing everyone is going to say yes so looks like I have to get up early!

I'm just curious if that's really what I'm seeing and if they have anything to do with eachother...

Sorry I always type long posts! Congratulations on getting to the end!

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The thing you're seeing in the inside corner of his eye (closest to his nose) is the 3rd eyelid. Usually, if you're seeing it, it's because the kitty is sick and needs to be seen by the vet.

I have no wisdom or insight on the cross-eyed thing, but suspect it has something to do with not feeling well.

And you're right, you probably should be off to the vet tomorrow.

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How is his health for the rest? If he seems ok for the rest and doesn't have fever you can wait untill Monday. It is very common to see the third eye-lid when cat has a worm-infection. Is he in-door or out-door cat?
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Third eyelid usually means the kitty is pretrty sick. It wouldn't be a BAD idea to see the vet ASAP. It can mean a high fever. Poor Smudge 1 had that as his first symptom of his terrible illness.
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sometimes when they blink though you can see that third eyelid. sometimes it stays visable for a bit before going back into the side of the eye or wherever it goes. As long as it isn't pink or puffy or irritated or his eyes aren't runny or gunky and they eyelid doesn't stay out covering most of his eye I wouldn't be too worried.
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Originally Posted by Malena View Post
It is very common to see the third eye-lid when cat has a worm-infection. Is he in-door or out-door cat?
Well they were outdoors for the first few weeks of their lives... I found them the Wednesday before Labor Day and they've been inside since- well inside on our front porch which is enclosed. I can't remember if I said it before but their appt on Tuesday is to check for worms... I am kind of thinking they have them because their belly is hard, they poop A TON, and it's pretty "fragrant".

I did notice last night that the 3rd lid was the most obvious when I was scratching his head and he was in total ecstacy. Normally it wasn't quite as visible but you could definetely still see it more than you can on Skunk- so then it is sticking out at least a little bit.

Otherwise I think they look ok. They are dirty from being outside and they weren't grooming a lot I assume because they didn't have their mom to teach them to But I have been seeing them do it more often as the days go by. Their eyes look clear but I do think their little butts look dirty- not the furr- just the bullseye! Their eyes are watery looking but not running or gunky. The 3rd eyelid was really pale looking- but Cricket is a light creamy color. It definetely didn't look poofy.

I think the twisted eye thing looks worse/weirder...

Last night was so great! I go out on the porch, sit on our swing & read, and I ignore them a little bit while they run around and pet them while they're close by. Both of them climbed into my lap to see what I was doing!! They also came around me on their own much more than usual and I was able to hold Cricket for a minute or two!
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Maybe long posts are just a common thing with us Michiganians.

I too have a little one I think may have worms and seemed to be showing what looked to me like the third eyelid yesterday. (I had never heard of the third eyelid till I came here and am only guessing too.) I put her in a sling and kept her close to me for a while last night and she didn't stay punky looking or acting so I decided to keep an eye on her. I've seen her do the butt scoot and I think she also has a bit of diarrhea.

She is not dehydrated though and is eating ok so I am opting to wait till Monday to call the vet and get her in. (Barring any further sick behavior, of course.)

Today I put her in the playpen with low residue food and where no one else can use the litter box so I can take in a fecal sample that I know is hers when we go.

I feel bad separating her, but I don't want her disappearing into a hidey spot where I can't see how she's doing.

I think my little furbabies keep me on my toes more than my kids did when they were little.
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Well I tried to get into the vet today but they havent' had any cancellations, so it looks like I have to stick with my original appt for tomorrow.

Sometimes when I look at Cricket I think his eyes look worse and sometimes I think they look better? It's not very consistent!

Tru- how is your little one today?
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Just got back from the vet with Sassy. She said it is the same bacteria that Boo and Stinker has so Sassy in now on Zithromax for the next 5 days and Low Residue Food. They had some canned this time so maybe it will be easier to keep her out of the other food while she is recovering.

She too has had times where she was feeling better and playing and then back to the punky third eye showing times. She's a tough little girl though. When Boo was feeling ill she just plain felt bad with no spurts of feeling better. Sassy seems to be one not to give in too easy. Also, Stinker lays down with her a lot and she likes that.

My little girl will be back in the pink in no time, I'm sure.

I hope they can get your Cricket back in sorts real quick.
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Well... good news! We went to the vet today & she didn't feel Smokey's (Cricket's new name ) eyes were a problem. They both have fleas, although I didn't think it seemed too bad. There was a little poop- but I've never seem them scratch excessively, had any bites on myself, or have seen a flea.

The vet felt that Smokey's 3rd eyelid was showing probably because he wasn't feeling well because of the fleas and possible worms. They are about 6 weeks old according to the vet so they got their first round of shots and did well! Both were very sleepy on the way home but are up and playing now. They also got a de-wormer but I don't know what kind it was. When we go back in 3 weeks for booster shots she'll look at his eyes then if they are still weird (or I'll go in if they get worse before then) and also they'll get the 2nd round of dewormer.

By the way- I'm glad to hear that Sassy should be feeling better in no time!
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i didnt know they have three eyelids i thought it was two. the second one covers their eyes when they are sleeping, or is that the third one and the 2nd one is something totally different?
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AHH! I have no idea! I've always just known that was called the third eyelid (even though I had never really seen it) and I never thought about the second?!

I'm curious about this too!
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Well, I would guess, like humans, they have an upper and a lower eyelid, therefore, 1 & 2. Number 3 is the horizontal-ish one. Also known as the Nictitating Membrane!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Well, I would guess, like humans, they have an upper and a lower eyelid, therefore, 1 & 2. Number 3 is the horizontal-ish one. Also known as the Nictitating Membrane!
hmmmm, ok, i only think of humans as having one eyelid (i dont count the bottom one as a seperate eyelid cause it doesnt really move or have its own seperate kind of function from the top one) so thats why i thought of cats as having two. well thanks for filling me in.
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