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Can I use a cage? (Sorta long) But help please!

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Hopefully someone can help me! I had no idea where to ask this so it's going here...

Chad has an old cage that he says is a kitten cage- don't ask me how they got it? It's about 2x3x4' big and it's on wheels. It looks like the ones they use in pet stores that sell kittens that has a shelf or two... Hopefully you know what I'm talking about! I'd take a picture but it's outside so I can scrub it down tomorrow and it's too dark & raining.

Anyway- can I use this for my two stray kittens? It has a little rust on it where the metal (?) bars cross to make it a cage, but it's not overall rusty.

I also wanted to know if I can bring this in the house, keep them in there exclusively until their vet appointment on Tuesday afternoon and not worry about them & Maui being in close proximity? Well I shouldn't say exclusively, I'll take them out to play & bond while I'm there to watch them & I'll also keep Maui separate - which he's going to hate!

Right now they are hanging out on my front porch which is enclosed since I don't really have a way to bring them in here unless I can use this cage safely. They're going to the vet to be checked for worms & bugs and things of that nature- an overall health check. They have already been tested for FelV/FIV and were positive for FIV...

Do you think this is also a good way to begin introductions? Or is it too 'in your face'?

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If you can disinfect it, you can use it (yes, I know that cage you're talking about).

As far as bringing it inside, even if you do, you'll still have to keep them closed off in a room by themselves until the vet gives the all clear.
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I kept a stray in a similar sized rabbit house for a couple days and he did pretty well. I did let him out when I took Annabelle out of the room. Just make sure it's clean and disinfected- since it's short term it shouldn't be too bad for them. They would probably have a smaller cage in a shelter.
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Woohoo! I'll be sterilizing that thing tomorrow!

Chad will probably be peeved but I'll keep it in the office until Tuesday (although possibly tomorrow since I may have to take Skunk in for an eye problem- I have another post about it: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...15#post1336815

Once I get the all clear, can I let Maui approach the cage while I supervise? Or should I do another step first? I've read about rubbing towels on each of them and swapping for smells but at what point can I actually let them meet face to face (behind bars! )
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