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Meet The Folks

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Did anybody else watch this new reality show last night on NBC?

I thought it would probably be lame, but there wasn't anything else on, so I checked it out...and I actually really liked it!!!

They took 3 guys, and introduced them to this girl's parents. The guys had to spend the night there, and the parents got to question them, etc...to see who they thought would be the best date for their daughter. the winner got a trip to Hawaii (I believe it was) with the girl.

They even had them take a lie detector test. There were lots of curves thrown into it, including the surprise visit from all three guys x-girlfriends, who told some interesting things about them.

I really enjoyed it, and it is on again Wednesday night at 7:00 (central time) right before BB3 (but on NBC, of course)

I think it's worth a look if you don't have anything else to watch, I am looking forward to the next one!!
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I watched it!
Have to admit that I fell googie-gaga for that blond guy! WHEW>>>>>>took my breath away. But, all of 'em were a little too pretty for me in real life!

The lie detector part was something!
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I watched the 1st 10 minutes and then I went to bed. I was recovering form a nasty migraine and I was just exhausted (not that I didn't sleep most of the day). I'll try to check it out on Wednesday.
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I got a kick out of the one guy admitting he liked to be spanked....did you see the look on dad's face!!! ???? :LOL:
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I was really hoping Cameron would win tonight, especially since the daughter seemed to like him best..but I guess dad had other ideas!
Anybody else watch it?
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I watched it. I don't know about Cameron - he seems to like sleeping around. If I were the parents I would definately not choose him.
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