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The purpose of TCS is to share and learn how to better care for our cats.
In that process, we learn to enjoy & respect each other's differences.
There are ways to feel useful here on TCS other than being a MOD.

On TCS, we share much joy & sometimes tragic, heartbreaking loss.
But it's all good.
I hope that you remain an active member & join us in improving the lives of our kitties.
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Originally Posted by Sunshine'sKid View Post
Well fine, as of now, I'll only participate with CAT questions and answer questions other people have.
I think that's a good idea

I hope you grow up to learn that when you hurt another person's feelings, whether intentionally or not, whether or not you think they should have been hurt by what you said, whether they hurt you first or not, your best recourse is always to aplogize and say you're sorry. If they say they are hurt, then you say you're sorry. If you think you were misundertood, then say you're sorry and then explain why you think they should not have been hurt. It really is that simple. And in many ways, it's one of those things that show the difference between a kid and an adult

I am closing this thread now. Should you decide to apologize to critter mom after all, please send it to me anne@thecatsite.com and I'll forward it her way. I see no point in continuing this thread anymore now.
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