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Is anyone other than me, unable to upload images to Photobucket?

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I can access my images that are on Photobucket, but try as I may, I can't upload ANYTHING to Photobucket. Is anyone else having that problem? I'm wondering if I might have too much on there. I tried deleting a couple of images in order to upload 1, but even witht the images deleted, it still won't upload. It looks like it's uploading, but then when it's done, the new image is not there.
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Today when I uploaded there I saw that they have changed the format, but it still had the upload link in the top right, it was just different and its different when u want to upload multiple pics as well. Try to sign out and back in again and see if that helps.
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If you go to 'my account' it will show you how much space you have left

The only thing I can think of is

1. you have exceeded your album limit and it's (the image you are trying to upload) too big for the few you deleted

2. you have exceeded your bandwidth for the month in which case they will put your account on 'hold status' until the new month (I am not sure if they run a month from the day you started or a calendar month

3. There is a limit (see arrow on the screenshot) on the image size and you need to increase it.

I uploaded a huge image to mine today and it worked fine (although it did resize it for me a few times)
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Well, I just looked at my account options, and I haven't even come close to meeting the monthly bandwith or the amount of space I'm allowed to have. I'd show you a picture of my photobucket, but I can't get any pictures to upload. I have a Premium account which is good until Aug 2007.

I'm logged out every time I leave my Photobucket, and have to sign in every time I go back on. My choice. I wonder if there is a way to actually contact a human on Photobucket and see if I can find out what is wrong.

By the way, the picture I was tryping to upload was only 20 bytes.

I can't afford to pay for another place. I'll have to look for a new one that is free, I guess.
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I just uploaded with no problems.

If you click on the little question marks next to each item on the My Account page you will get an explantion of that item. According to the explanation for bandwidth the limit runs from the day you sign up for Photobucket. So- it may be that you've exceeded your bandwidth for the month. You'd think, though, that if it were a bandwidth issue that there would be an error message instead of appearing to upload with no explantion. Very little surprises me anymore, however.
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No, I didn't come close to exceeding my bandwith. I have a pro account. My bandwith is 50 Gigs. I haven't even used 5 gigs. But I found the problem. It was my Opera browser. I just switched to Firefox and it uploaded the image.

Apparently, the changes they made to Photobucket, aren't compatable with my older Opera Browser.
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I just upload 2 sigs to my account and it went through...but it has a different layout then yesterday, so maybe you were trying when they were upgrading the site
Just a thought.

...ooops just read your last post Hope and seen you resolved the issue
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Hope, I'm using Opera, and just uploaded an image with no problem. What version were you using? Perhaps upgrading is all you need to do. I'm on version 9.
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I have an older version of Opera. It's Opera7. I did download the latest version, but I couldn't figure out how to import my bookmarks to it, so I just deleted it, and downloaded Firefox. I still prefer Opera though.
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If you just install over the older version, your bookmarks should tag along. I was actually quite impressed with how straightforward the install was -- I was upgrading from v8, though, so perhaps that made it simpler.
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I will give it a try, I still have the download on my desktop.
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Your old version will probably work fine now, I had problems with photobucket this morning and once I could upload, the page was all different so it was probably just the upgrade
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Well, I see if I can use Photobucket with my older Opera Version. I tried to install the new version of Opera, and it wouldn't install over my older version. What it did was create a new Opera without my bookmarks, but thankfully it didn't delete my old Opera. I even tried importing the bookmarks but it wouldn't do it. Of course figuring out how to import bookmarks with Opera is pretty crazy.
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I noticed this earlier in the weekend, and, oddly, I'm having trouble only with certain PSP images. All photos of my girlies are working well. Interesting new format.
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I had to hit the sign in button and put my password in--in order to just now add some pics.Even though I am always shown as logged in.
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I'm still not able to use my Opera Browser to upload pictures, however, if I want to upload, I just use Firefox.
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Originally Posted by HopeHacker View Post
I'm still not able to use my Opera Browser to upload pictures, however, if I want to upload, I just use Firefox.
Hope, I switched to Opera (from IE/AOL) a couple of days ago, and haven't had any trouble uploading pictures, though there are some problems with registering downloaded software. I've found that I have to open IE in order to register. Do you have the latest version of Opera, with all the amusing/helpful widgets? I have a premium Photobcket account, just like you do.
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No, I don't have the latest version of Opera. I tried downloading the latest version twice, and it would not allow me to transfer my bookmarks from the old one to the new one. Not to mention the fact that I didn't care for the set up of new version. So, I'm still using an older version. It's getting to the point where I end up using Firefox more and more because my old Opera keeps crashing.
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You know, I think you either got a "bad update", or the wrong box was clicked for it. There was one that said "install over the older version", or something to that effect. You should be able to uninstall the new version, go back for the update (9.02) and just click that. Under "File", "Import and Export", there's an "Import Opera bookmarks". I couldn't import my bookmarks from AOL, but I could import the IE ones. I've just been using the AOL browser once in a while to click on an important link, copy that, and then switching over to Opera and pasting it in, then saving it. bn bv ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sorry, Jamie seems to want to send you a message.
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I just tried it again. I downloaded the new 9.02 version. When I installed it, it would not let me bring all of my bookmarks from my old version of Opera, it only exported a few of them, not all of them. Not to mention the fact that I don't like the new version very well, or at least what I could see of it.
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That's a bummer. I love the new version of Opera, especially all the neat widgets (news headlines, foreign-language dictionaries, currency converters, etc.) I also like the tabs, which is something AOL doesn't offer. The magic wand is terrific! I can't import my AOL bookmarks, either, which might be a good thing, because I have way too many.
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I know what you mean about too many bookmarks!
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