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Free advice!

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I learned this with my last litter and those of you who have new litters of kittens and plan on adopting some out, this might help.

Once the kittens are old enough to eat solid food, give them wet food at least twice a day. They key is, put it in a dish and call, "kitty, kitty, kitties!" and wait for them to come before giving it to them. They will come will they smell it. After a few days you will be able to say "kitties!" and they will all come running, even if you don't have wet food. You must be consistent though.

Here's why this helps:
1. If you can't find the kittens, you can call "kitties!" and they will come running that way you don't have to go looking for them.
2. It's a universal name so you don't have to call them individually.(especially helps if you have about 7 kittens!)
3. When it comes time for the new owner to adopt them, they will probably want to give them a new name. When they take the kitty to its new home it will probably hide and they may panic because they won't come to their new name if they don't know it. Whenever somebody sees a kitten they naturally say, "here kitty kitty", so this way the kitten will come when they call them that. That will definately save the new owners a lot of trouble and will make it easier for the kittens too!

Anyways, I am by no way a cat expert, but I just thought that this might help and figured it couldn't hurt to post it. I hope it helps somebody out there. If so, please tell me of your success!
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Unless you know the person...always charge a fee for your kittens. Do not give them away. Remember, they are counting on you to find them the best home. A free to a good home....may not have money to pay for important vet care or neutering/spaying. If there is a low cost or free clinic that will perform pediatric spay/neuter, have them fixed before they go into homes and charge the new adoptors the fee for having the surgery done.

Here is a helpful article:


Additionally, it is best to hold on to your kittens until they reach the age of 10-12 weeks of age.

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Anyone used this advice yet??? If so, any success?
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My kittens are almost 4 weeks old and already learning to respong to me when I say "kitty, kitties"
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all i do is the kiss thing and they come running but then again i have never had a problem getting a cat to respond to me
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LOL! I guess cats know their "mommy's" call.
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