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I hope there'll be a happy ending

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It's been a while since I posted, but I had to come here and tell this story, or rather, allow this story to be told.

*clearing of tiny throat*

Good morning. To paraphrase Herman Melville, call me Puss.

Yesterday afternoon I was wandering around in a parking lot, trying in vain to find the people who'd abandoned me. I'm only seven weeks old and weigh just two pounds, and I have brown tabby and white fur. I sure was lonely and hungry! And I itched something awful, too. The white parts of my ears were all red from scratching, and my tummy was growling.

(You all see where this is going, right? LOL)

Then this lady saw me. She cried and said she had three cats at home already, and she told her friend something about taking me to "the animal shelter," which sounded nice. We got into her car and she sat me on the passenger seat and started driving.

Well, I was lonely all the way over there, so I climbed up onto her shoulder, then crawled down onto her chest. She automatically folded an arm up, and I snuggled there in the crook and fell asleep, itching and all.

We were sitting at a stoplight and the lady said, "I can't do this," and turned a different way.

She took me to see another lady she called "Dr. Mary." I didn't much care for Dr. Mary because she stuck me with a needle and used Q-tips in my ears (twenty! And they came out BLACK!) and put medicine in my ears that made me shiver and shake. Then she put a little glob of something on my back, and I don't know how it works, but I don't itch as much now.

The lady took me to her house and shut me up in a room. I could tell she had other kitties because they yowled at me, and I got so scared that I pooped in the carrier Dr. Mary lent Mommy (yes, I'm already thinking of her as Mommy).

Mommy gave me a whole can of delicious beef cat food, then later she brought me some kitten kibble which I am working on as well, plus plenty of fresh water. She showed me where my potty box is and said I'd have to stay in the room for a few weeks until I'm old enough to test for the FeLV and FIV diseases, but unless she finds me a new place to live, I get to stay here! I'm excited, even though I'm also tired in a way. I've had to scrounge for everything and I'm still a baby, so even though I can see I'm in a safe place with lots of food, I get anxious.

Mommy's other kitties aren't very happy, I don't think. They can't see me and Mommy pushes them away from the door with her foot whenever she sees them hanging out in front of it. But I'm sure we will get along very well. Mommy thinks I will get along well with Marnie, who likes to play, and that maybe with me around, Marnie won't bedevil Thisbe so much.

This morning Mommy brought me some turkey cat food and some fresh kibble. She changed my water and scooped my potty box. I jumped up on her shoulder and purred really loud so she could see how happy I am. My fur already looks better now that the fleas are jumping ship, and even though I still have red ears, they're not as bad. I'm going to have a glossy coat just like Thisbe, Marnie, and Cushie soon.

She named me Vibiana.


* * * * * * *

NOTE FROM MOMMY: I have an appointment for September 28 to have her tested for the FIV/FeLV. If she tests positive for them, as hard as it will be, I will have her put down.

If she tests negative, which I hope and pray she does, I will have her spayed, chipped, and get her second set of shots, and she will come home to my menagerie.

This couldn't have happened at a less convenient time. I'm closing on my first home a week from today and will be in the throes of moving for the next few weeks, but I just couldn't let that poor baby go.

I am probably going to end up one of those crazy old spinster ladies with a million cats. Only 999,996 to go ...
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Very nice story....they do warn about little kittens coming up with false if she has captured your may want to wait and have her retested when she is a little older.

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Sounds like Vibiana already found her happy ending. I've heard of false positives, too, so if the blood work comes back positive, post on the health and nutrition boards before euthanizing, ok?

Welcome to TCS, tiny baby. You have just found a blessed home to live in!
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Do you have pictures? I'd love to see a photo Vibiana sounds like a little cutie!
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What a sweet story! I can assure you - going from 3 cats to 4 is not too terribly hard to do. Although adding a kitten is...interesting, LOL!
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Honestly! what a lovely story! You have just made my nigh Vibiana is a lucky kitty. I have everything crossed she tests negative. Please do what Katie says though and get her tested again when she is a little older, just to be certain. Thinking of you both.
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Cats with both immunological diseases can live long, healthy lives. Specifically, FIV+ CAN actually (though it isn't 100% ideal) live peacefully with FIV- cats without ever transmitting the disease. FeLV is a little more tricky.

Definitely post over in H&N if she is positive for either and do some research, especially on FIV.
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What a love you are!!!! May you and yours be showered with blessings and love.
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SHE'S OKAY!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I have company tonight, so when she comes home she's going to have all kinds of people fawning over her. The other three had to have their shots today, so they'll all get plenty of lovin' as well.
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That's wonderful.
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Awesome! Congrats! Bless your heart! You're a wonderful meowmy! This story warms my heart!
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So happy!! Photos???
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I haven't any pics of Vibiana yet ... but I promise to get some soon. I'm in the midst of moving house ... ugh ... among everything else.
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I enjoyed your story very much and I am so happy for you new little one!!
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