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La perm kittens Low shedding, easy maintenance coats. Gorgeous colours. Male and female . GCCF registered, vaccinated, vet checked, wormed and litter trained. 6 wks free insurance.

I seen the above Ad on my local 'Adtrader'. I have googled LaPerm and
understand they are cats with a rex coat. Does anyone have one, or can
anyone offer more info?

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They have wavey/curly coats but not rex like. They have under and outer coats (rexes only have the undercoat - no guard hairs).

LaPerms are heavy set cats similar in build to the British SH or American SH. They are not related to any of the rexes - its another natural mutation. I think TICA recognises them.
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Are they selling them at 6 weeks old? That is way too young to be away from their mother.
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Thats their age? I thought that was the amount of insurance!
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Originally Posted by cata_mint View Post
Thats their age? I thought that was the amount of insurance!
It will be - it's common for pedigree cats over here to be sold with 6 weeks free pet insurance with petplan.

I don't know much about La Perms but I know someone on another forum (a UK one) who has a kitten - he looks lovely.
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