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Pics of our August Wedding!

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Hello Everyone! Just wanted to post a few pics of the new Mr. and Mrs. Susan and Dennis Winnington! Our wedding was on August 19, 2006. It was absolutely beautiful, everything I always wished for!! Wasn't overly thrilled with my hair and makeup but that's ok. The weather was in the 80's, a little humid but no rain thank goodness. The Church service was short and sweet and it was the very first time I have ever seen Dennis cry. So yes, I cried walking up...especially when I saw my brother and Dad shedding some tears.

The reception was awesome!!! My dress started coming apart where the ribbon was right before we were about to walk in but my sister-in-law quickly sewed me back together...that was about the only thing that went wrong. And of course we walked in to Bon Jovi and then our first song was "Thank You for Loving Me" by you guessed it, BON JOVI! It was absolutely beautiful, so much fun but it went by so darn fast!!! I've been so sad that it's all done and over!!

We went to Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica for a week for our honeymoon and that place is fabulous, what a treat! Definitely reccommend it. We're still waiting on the professional pics to come in so I'll post the cake, flowers and reception pics soon.

PS - We tried to get pics of me with Cody and Lil Boo but they split as soon as the photography walked in the door! Too much excitement for them!

Me and my Matron and Maid of Honor

Me and Dad

Me and Dennis' Neice Layna - isn't she precious?

Me and My New Husband Dennis
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Everything looks beautiful! I really love your dress, and your hair too!

Glad to hear that everything went so well - congratulations!
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Those are beautiful pics, I love your dress, you were stunning.
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Absolutely gorgeous pics! Congrats!
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Thanks for sharing pics of your special day. I love your dress.. You two make a lovely couple..
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Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!
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Congratulations, Susan!

You looked amazing! I'm pleased the day was all you hoped for and more!
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Congratulations! I love your dress! you are a beautiful bride!
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Very nice pictures!!! Glad the whole day went well for you!!
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Congratulations! Everything looks gorgeous!!
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Those are beautiful pictures! I love your flowers!! They are such a sweet color pink!! And the black and white one is my fav!!
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I love your dress.. Veryyy beautiful wedding!!
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How beautiful! Congrats! You and Dennis make a beautiful couple!
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Congratulations! Beautiful dress, beautiful bride, beautiful pictures!
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Youre so beautiful!!
i love your dress!!

You and your hubby make a perfect couple!!

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Aww...everything looks wonderful! I'm glad it all went so well for you! Congratulations!
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Susan, you look so beautiful! You dress is gorgeous and you and Dennis make the perfect couple!
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You look soo beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous wedding pictures with us! I hope you two are enjoying your marriage so far and wish you many happy years to come!
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You look beautiful!
Im glad you had such a special day!
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You look SOOOOOO Pretty!!!!!!

Congratulations... and your pictures are so nice. It looks like it was simply beautiful!
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Thank you guys!!! I wish I could re-live the day alll over again!
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You and Dennis are a beautiful couple It sounds like you had a perfect wedding, and a start to a wonderful life together. Congratulations!
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Oh wow Susan- incredible pictures! You looked absolutely gorgeous and Dennis ain't to shabby himself . I cannot wait to see more pics and hear more about your big day- everything looked incredible!
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What beautiful pictures!! you made a stunning bride and you and your husband make a beautiful couple
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great pics! Congratulations!
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Oh how pretty! Congratulations!
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You are a beautiful bride! ....... And the hubby ain't bad either!
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Congratulations. You looked absolutely beautiful.
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