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LuckyGirl gets spayed tomorrow....

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Good Morning/Afternoon everyone!!!

I just wanted to remind you all that my baby is getting spayed tomorrow. Please keep her (and me--I will be frantic) in your thoughts and prayers, this will be her 1st (and hopefully only) surgery! I will try to post after I pick her up, so you all know she is ok. Please God just let everything go smoothly!

Thanks for all your good wishes!!!
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Sending many calming and good vibes to you and LuckyGirl!

Everything will be okay!
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LuckyGirl will be fine, but I'm sending vibes to you both!
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she'll be fine!
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Sending good vibes your way, but try not to worry, I'm sure she'll be fine xx
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sending lots of loving and some calming vibes your way..

Lucky will do fine!!!
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Lots of good vibes for Lucky Girl. I was a basket case when I took April Joy in to be spayed. Don't worry. Everything will be ok!
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Sending positive vibes your way.I'm sure she'll do wonderfully.
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Lucky Girl will be fine. Sending vibes to the both of you!

You just have to remind yourself tht even though she'll be put to sleep its a very simple and routine procedure. They do them every day.

Of course I say this and when Anya goes in for hers soon I'll be a complete wreck. We love our babies and worry about them. Its only natural.
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I would just like to say, CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU!!!!! for getting your baby spayed! We need more pet parents like you who waste no time in stopping more litters from being born! Hooooray!

You are doing the right thing, really. She will be just fine!
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Your little luckygirl will be just fine. The shelter I volunteer at spayed/neutered the entire shelter today (for those animals that were the appropriate age/weight and in acceptable health). That was over a hundred animals!!! And you know what- there were zero complications or deaths!!!! Your little angel is going to be just fine!. If possible tomorrow- ask your vet for internal disolvable stitches and external disolvable stitches with a line of sutcher glue instead of staples or regular stitches- i've found those are usually easier on the kitty. Also, I suggest purchasing an E-collar (can be found at your local pet store or your vets office for around $10. ) to put on her post-spay in case she tries to lick her stitches- that can cause infection or irritation or a busted incision if she irritates the area too much. You can attach the e- collar to her regular collar to prevent her from taking it off. There are little grooves on the bottom of an e-collar- simply slide ribbon or a zip tie through one of those and attach it at each hole to the collar. She'll never be able to westle that one off.Also, when you put her e-collar on her, remember to elevate her food and water dishes so that she can fit her little head in it. Remember nothing to eat the after midnight (or whatever time your vet told you ). Also, keep her in a quiet area where she can move around as minimal as possible for the first few days following her surgery. It is normal for the incision site to smell a bit post -op- it is the solution they put on their skin before the surgery- absolutely nothing to worry about. Also, you can put regular neosporin on the incision site 2x a day afterwards to reduce scarring....but consult your vet before doing so. Also, post op swelling is normal at the incision site- but watch out for hard lumps that may develop to the sides of the incision...those are signs of a hernia (nothing serious, but it should be checked out by the vet ). Your vet may or may not give your kitty post-op pain medication. If it is a young kitten, many times they opt not to so that they can feel the incision site a bit and won't be as tempted to jump around and roughhouse- and potentially reopen the incision site. However, for an older kitty, many times they will give a shot of pain med during the surgery- this will last for several hours post op....if wanted, you can pay a few bucks extra and have some pain meds for the next few days if your vet determines that is necessary. It is uaually one dropper full once a day if you do this. / It is normal for your kitty to be grogy a day or two post op and not have much of an appetite- just make sure your kitty stays well hydrated.....I recommend a dropper full of Pedialyte every few hours if she will not drink from a water dish post op- however she should drink water normally seeing how the meds usually make them thirsty. It is normal for her not to eat a lot after the surgery for a day or two and just lay around a do not freak out if this happens. Sometimes, it is easier on their stomaches post op to offer a little pinch of baked boneless skinless chicken a few hours after surgery. I'm sure there are things i'm leaving out, but just pm me if you need anything else or if you have any questions! Your little lucky girl will be just fine!!!! I'm sending you lots of (((don't worry vibes)))) tonight ! I want to applaud you for being a very responsible owner and having your little girl spayed!!!! She is lucky to have such a wonderful meowmy!!!!!
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Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your concern, and warm thoughts & wishes. She is fine as of now. I was a freakin wreck though I have to say. I couldn't remember when we had gotten my cat spayed growing up, so I wasn't sure how she'd behave. And I had it done with alliance for animals, they are a rescue/spay/vaccine animal org in our tri-state area. I was really sure that I wanted her to come home the same day, I just couldn't leave her overnight. And I strongly felt that if she was to feel sick, or be "out of it", that it would be better for her to at least be home. I was just not emotionally prepared for it. They did her Sat morning at 10:15, and I picked her up about 1. They give you a list of instructions for after care when you drop her off, including things to watch for and the closest emergency 24 hour vets. They used all of the invisible suture stuff. You can't even see where they went in! There is a 1/2 inch spot, where it looks as if it could be the only place the may have cut her, but it's perfectly sealed, and clear, and there is no redness or swelling at all! Her belly is beautifully pink, like normal. I guess from the drugs she was what they called "dancing" where her head bounced up & down, and she had no knees, she would kinda army crawl around, and kept moving, she didn't want to sit still. Her eyes were wider than I'd ever seen (and she can really turn on the doe eyes!). They said not to feed her till dinnertime, but she tried to get to the food/water so I let her lick the little scraps that were left from the wasn't much. And she was eating like she had been to the dentist, her tongue wouldn't work right, she kept putting her paw in the water/food on accident. And she did drink alot. Sat night I just stayed up and watched one point my husband came in and I was sobbing. She was sitting on this big red satin lips pillow of our daughters, and her head kept going to the floor, like straight down nose to the floor, but her eyes were wide open. Now, growing up I had seen my cat die in my arms, and this is what it looked like. I was just sitting on the hard wood floor sobbing. What a mess right? But my hubby kept saying she's fine, she just had major surgery, let's give her some time to rest. I had already googled the directions to the Univ of Penn emergency 24hr animal hospital. I wasn't taking any chances. She did eat a BIG dinner. But she's always been a piglet. And we did give her chicken, I had made a whole chicken & potatoes in the crock pot, and she ate that up fast. Yesterday she was 80% better, I'd say 100% but she is not totally herself yet. You can tell she's still hurting a little bit. But she is even jumping onto the couch, despite my best efforts to help her up, or keep her down. And she is already lightly playing with Louie. As odd as it was, I tried to keep him away from her the day she came home, but if he meowed she was trying to look for him. So I just policed the 2, that way he won't try any sneak attacks on his big sis. And even with her loopy tongue that wouldn't stay in her mouth, she was trying to groom him! She is anxious to play today, but we put all the toys up so she is not too distracted from her rest. Thank you so much for all of your kindness, and thoughts. I truly do appreciate it. I wanted to get online over the weekend, but I basically spent my weekend on the hard wood floor, following her around. Hubby says that I am an overbearing mother! Owell. I guess I am. Do you think it's a bit much that I wanted to sleep on the floor next to her? Hubby insisted that I come to bed. She is even getting up on her favorite nap spot on my pub chairs (I have a large high pub table for my dining room). And while she is not running, she is walking with her hind legs up. And she has not licked the wound once that I've noticed. She is cleaning her back end a bit, but I think it's cause I have shredded newspaper on top of her litter (per the post-op instructions). Her appetite is maybe a little more than normal....but then she was fuming at me the day of her spay when I didn't feed her that morning. And of course we are spoiling her a little more than normal as well. I really wish I had read all of StarryEyedTiGeR's helpful info before her surgery, I could've pm'd about her behavior, and I'm sure I would've felt so much better. I have to schedule Louies for the next month or so....please tell me it's easier for boys? Although, I didn't have such a hard time handing him over to them for his shots....I guess it's because she breaks my heart, with her birth defect, almost starving while she was a stray, then her Bartonella, I just never want her to be scared or lonely ever again. She is such a good girl, and she doesn't deserve to ever feel that way. I didn't carry her in my womb, but I sure did carry her home from Florida for 16 hours in my arms! Thanks again!!!!! Heather
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