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Introducing a Kitten to new kitten

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I've had my 4 month old kitten (Madison) for about 3 weeks. I wanted to get her a companion because she seems bored when I'm working. Last night I brought a new kitten home (same age and both are ragdolls). Madison immediately hissed at the new kitten and won't play with him. The new kitten (no name yet) is very scared, he is not eating or going to the bathroom yet, and when I let him out of his crate, he hides under the bed or couch. Please help, as I thought kittens are supposed to get along? I want to do this right before they end up hating each other, and I don't want my new kitten to stay shy. Also, should I be worried that my new kitten isn't eating...by tonight I am assuming this will not be normal?
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Congrats on the new kitten. It seems like the introduction is being done to quickly. Since the new kitten is hiding a lot I would separate them and confine the new kitten to it's own room first so that the kitten has a chance to get used to new surroundings. The new kitten needs his/her own space with food, water a literbox and maybe some toys. You could also take a t-shirt out of your dirty laundry and put it in the room with the new kitten. Make sure the new kitten has something to hide in his/her room. Then you can take a wash cloth and rub it on Madison and put it in the room with the new kitten. Also take another wash cloth and rub it on the new kitten and put it with Madison. Another thing you could try would be to put a dab of vanilla on each kitten's chin so that they smell the same. It is very common for the kittens to hiss at each other at first. You can do short supervised visits. Also try to make sure you are still giving Madison lots of attention. I am sure there are some other people on this forum that have more experience and more specific advice.

Hope this helps
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and welcome to TCS, is great fun here and as you can see lots of great advice, support and friendship. We also have a bit of fun now and then

You´ve already had some great advice my main one, is also about taking things slow, introduce them slowly, you dont have to rush these things, be patience and in time they will be great friends and you be so pleased that you have a new friend for Madison.

Oh and once you get settled into TCS, pls post some photos we would all love to see your fur-family !!
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Thanks for the great advice, I will take things slow! I'm going to buy a separate litter box and food dishes today!

Here are the pictures of my new kittens:

New kitten (no name yet)

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awww.............your kitties are so cute

new kitty - looks like a racoon maybe you could start a thread about selecting a name !!

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They're ADORABLE!!!
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