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Daily Thread - Friday

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I haven't seen one of these in a bit, so I thought I would start one. Woke up to fog around here. It actually looked very pretty hanging over the field behind me house. It's burned off and now we have bright sunshine.

Doctor's appointment this morning

My husband is working from home today, and has been looking at an electrical problem we have. Hoping he can fix it He has been hinting he wants to go out to eat today, and since I have nothing defrosted, it sounds good to me!

Hope you all have a great day !
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Beautiful day here! Woke up to the sun shining through the curtains!

I have a couple of things to do today including buying a Congratulations card for my Sister who gained her PhD in Pure Maths yesterday!

I also plan to get another coat of paint on my freecycle dining chair and have a look for some fabric for the seats! They will be so pretty in the end!

Good luck at the doctors, today, Karen!

Have a great Friday everyone!
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Thanks Sarah

Congratulations to your sister!
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Sunny for now but rain (crossing fingers) and windy with a big temperature drop this afternoon.
Have to plant a bunch of perennials I got on sale, make some tomato paste and clean house.
Have fun at the doctor!!!

Sar-a PhD in oure math-that sounds like a really tough degree!
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Thanks, Karen! My sister is one clever girl!

Gail, it is a very difficult degree! She had to come up with an original mathematical theory and prove it! Yesterday, she had to present her thesis to the panel and she did fantastically!

I'm so proud of her!
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Congrats to your sister Sarah!! she must be a super hard worker!!

Well today is going to be a relaxing day for Jeff and I.

We've spent the last couple of days on a mini honeymoon. We did some hiking, canoeing and rock climbing.

Yesterday Jeff and I rented a plane and went somewhere for lunch the 2 of us hadn't flown together in a couple of years so it was fun. We also went and picked up our 2 munchkins (Reilly and Sydney of course!!) Sydney has grown so much in the past week!!, I'll have to post some pictures of her.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today is the second day with my new interns, so it has been a busy week for me and to be honest I am just glad it is almost the weekend... lots of running around with them again today making sure they are signed up for everything they should be (computer logins, library cards, security passes, keys etc)

Congrats to your sister, Sarah, what an accomplishment & good luck at the docs Karen!
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congrats to your sister sarah

good luck at the doctors Karen

well its almost almost time for me to go to bed (almost 11pm friday night) and tomorrow is Jasmines party baked the cake tonight - its a butterfly. Not sure how it looks but hopefully its not too bad. Its going to be a fun day
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Afternoon all!
Congratulations to your sister Sarah! What a clever girlie! Is she older or younger than you?
Good luck at the doctors Karen I need to make an appointment too but I keep putting it off.
Danielle can I come and try Jasmine's cake? It sounds lovely, bet you are so excited!
Tracy your honeymoon week sounds fantastic! Are you enjoying married life so far? Bet you really missed the babies! I always think Nismo looks bigger when I've been away too!
It's lovely and sunny up here, hate being stuck inside!
My car broke down last week so Mark and I are spending the weekend at my Mums house so he can work on it to try and fix it. Its not looking good though
They are away so we are also babysitting Alfie the dog Will keep him and the cats seperate though as he is just too energetic for my babies
Have a lovely weekend all!
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Good morning all!

I'm so glad its Friday! Its only been a 3 day week for me, so its been a nice short work week

Not much going on this weekend, which is nice - hopefully I can get some cleaning in, and some walking around the lake. Tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 65, so hopefully it'll be nice enuf to do some walking and outdoorsy stuff.

Hope you all have a great day!
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Good morning everyone!

First week of classes is over for me. There's only the monday class that hasn't started yet. Overall, it looks like I'll have TONS of work this semester but I will be trying to force myself to take one day off every week and Friday seems like a good day for that. So no school work today... I'll have to find something fun to do.
Can't think of anything right now
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Good Morning! TGIF!! I am so stressed right now. The woman who is like a second mother to me had an abnormal pap and they think it might be cancer. I am suck an emotional wreck right now. Lee got the job that is sending him to Germany for a year. I just need a good cry at this point in time! A lot is going one in my life and on top of that I am PMSing! I guess it can only get better from here!

On a positive note: My sister's due date is TOMORROW!! Hopefully my beautiful niece is born tomorrow!!
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Thank you everyone for your congratulations, I will pass them on to my clever sister!

Originally Posted by Pombina View Post
Congratulations to your sister Sarah! What a clever girlie! Is she older or younger than you?
She's two years older than me! She's been at Uni for eight years to achive her PhD - the permanent student! Such hard work but a definite accomplishment!

Oooh, have fun at Jasmine's party, Danielle! Can we see pictures of the cake?
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Brandi to you

Sarah - yup I will show pictures but the cake is at my parents house right now (party is there tomorrow) so I will make sure I take photos of the cake tomorrow and of the birthday girl in her DRESS !!! first time ever she is going to wear a DRESS
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Good morning.Woke up to thick fog. Yuck I planned on mowing the lawn but the grass is so wet I guess that will have to wait unless the sun comes out later. But being on the coast that probably won't happen.Tried to sleep in this morning as Iwas up late. But Reilly woke me up at 6:30 meowing and purring. So up and feed the cats and went back to sleep. Then woke up at 7:30 because Yowdy was puking dryed cat food on my just washed quilt on my bed. The joys of being a cat lover . Guess I will shampoo the living room rug instead of mowing. Hope everyone has a good day.
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
Sarah - yup I will show pictures but the cake is at my parents house right now (party is there tomorrow) so I will make sure I take photos of the cake tomorrow and of the birthday girl in her DRESS !!! first time ever she is going to wear a DRESS
Aww, I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures! Jasmine is going to look so pretty in her birthday dress!

I bet she'll feel funny in a dress though!
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Hi all, this will have to be really quick as I'm running late for work. (imagine that)
I work all weekend, (YUCK!) and have monday off. I guess that's one thing I'm definately looking forward to.

Everything here's great, cats are sleeping on the chair, cat beds and cat tower.
Nothing much else is going on. Just work, work, work.
Ok. I'm officially late, gotta run!

Have a great weekend!
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Hi everyone......... As most of you, I woke up to sunshine this morning.....and it's still that way. I'm getting ready to have a bowl of soup for lunch, then head out for my walk.....I encountered a blue heron on my walk yesterday.........I rounded the curve of the lake, and there it was standing there in the path staring at me! Scared me at first! These suckers are tall!!! We chatted for a bit, (well, I did most of that talking) then he decided to fly about a wingspan! HUGE!!!
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So, Susie... Talking to birds now? Did you discuss nuts? He probably thought you were nuts.

Danielle? I'm craving buttercream frosting! Make sure you strip Jazzy to her diaper before letting her at the cake! You may want to offer those standing near her a trash bag poncho, too...

Sunny day and a smidge warmer. Debating what to eat for lunch - besides chocolate. (Little Debbie Nutty Bars. )
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