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Poor him, or poor me?

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Ok, so I have a little bit of a sleeping problem. I keep weird hours, so that's why it's now 4am. I decided to play... "dressup" as I just got a new waist cincher that I plan on wearing for Halloween, and I was trying on various outfits to see what I could come up with. Well, I guess Boots got kinda curious about what I was doing in the closet, and crawled in and I didn't see him, and shut him in. I layed down, and dozed off for a few, and woke up to this awful scratching noise, and realized..."OH CRAP, he's in the closet!" Well, groggy and disoriented, I get up, go to the closet, and before I get there...*CRACK!" ... I stepped on his ceramic food bowl. Got him out, turned on the light, saw the bowl, looked at my foot, and I have a huge gash across my foot. It's on the bottom of my foot too! And I have to work tomorrow night. *sigh* I just wanted to vent. I yelped when the bowl cracked, and scared the crap out of him, and myself, and the dog's, and the rest of the house. It hurts. I finally got it to stop bleeding, cleaned it with some antiseptic wash, put some neosporin, and a band-aid on, and other than the throbbing, it's ok. What a night!
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Awwwwwwww!! I'm sorry you had such a rough night.Hope tonight is better.
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Oh yuck.......hope your day get's better!
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Wow,, you poor thing... I bet that hurt,, make sure you don't get that infected,, you might want to check about stitches,, or at least keep neosporin and peroxide on it,, several times a day,, since your feet are one of the easiest places to get dirty..

Sorry it was a bad night!
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Oh, that really is a bad night! Hope your foot heals quickly, because that would have to be one of the worst places to have a bad cut.
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awww bad night I feel ya tho i keep some odd hours too.
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Hope your foot heals quickly and you get to sit down alot at work!!

Sleep well!
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That's the worst!!!!

In college a mirror broke in our dormroom and I ended up stepping on a piece of glass! I had to have surgery to get it out and I had stitches on the bottom of my foot- it sucks! Not that a huge gash doesn't suck but hopefully you don't have to get stitches.

Make sure when you wash it with peroxide you rinse it after. I never rinsed in the beginning and it didn't seem to be looking any better, them my roomie told me I had to rinse it and it made a difference! Maybe that's common knowledge but I had no clue

Hope you heal fast and I say poor you!
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Aw thanks everybody. I'm keeping it clean. Everytime I change bandaids, I clean it, put on neosporin, and I'm good to go. Work was difficult tonight, but I took it easy, so all is well. Mom told me since it did stop bleeding, and hasn't bled since, I shouldn't need stitches. I still think poor him. I could just picture him in the closest "MOM!! Wake the up you dummy! I'm locked in... what was that?! OHH FREEDOM!! ew mommy, what did you do?" He was tramautized briefly, and then curled up and fell asleep on my chest, so I guess he forgives me. Thanks for all the kind wishes though. I'm an accident waiting to happen...
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Oh, thats bad. Ew, that must hurrrrrrrrrt!!!!!!!

Good luck today while your walking around!!
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