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You are my last resort!!!

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I have a beautiful Siamese named Eekaboo, unfortunately,
Eekaboo's days are numbered in our home as Eekaboo is
a habitual biter and attack cat. We have had him since
he was about 8 weeks old and we didn't pay a lot of attention
at first. Now it's a huge problem as he bites at every chance
he gets and it hurts!! If you try to swat him he gets very
angry, eyes all black and he lunges at you!! I am desperate
as my husband wants the cat gone from the house and If I cant
get help here I will have to have him put down and I do not
want to do that.

Please help me.

Thank You
Sharon Conners
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I have moved your post to the Behavior forum where more people who may be willing to help you will see it.

Best of luck to you,

Gaye Flagg
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I am sorry you are having this problem. First I want to say Please do not hit your kitty. It will make him want to bite even more. I would try a water bottle the spray kind. Spray him when he bites. I am not an expert. I have done this with my cats and it worked with them. Please do not hit him. I wish you Good Luck!
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Sharon a couple of things. Is Eeekabo neutered?

You say you try to "swat" him, and when you do this, he turns into an attack cat. He does this because you have gone from protector and friend to someone he has now reason to be afraid of. Your hands that once were so kind to him, are now his prey and they are after him. He will continue to attack those hands at every opportunity. It is his defense against you. I would suggest that instead of trying to swat him, you try to discourage him in other ways, such as taking an empty pop can and put a few pennies inside, tape of the opening and shake it at him. Or try blowing a few puffs in to his face, softly to startle him out of behavior.

It also is a possibility that he just doesn't feel very good and I wonder if you have had him out to the vet for a check-up? Sometimes cats have to act out in this way to gain our attention, so a vet visit may help you out of this situation. While you are there, you can discuss with your vet about this behaviour in your cat and see what the vet suggests.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I agree with Bengal Cats, please don't hit your kitty. I can't give you a lot of help but I can give you some links to articles on cat aggression toward people. The first link is from the behavioral section of this site:
The next link is from the about.com guide to cats:
And one more link:
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Sharon - you certainly do have a problem on your hands there. Please take kitty to the vet as Hissy sugggests and read those links. We are all on here every day and will help you through this!
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Please go to this thread. It is from someone who was having the same problem with her cat. There are some excellent step-by-step directions on how to stop this behavior.

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Hi Sharon,

Well, when I read your post I felt like I was reliving my nightmare all over again!

I don't know how old Eekaboo is now but we had a Siamese kitten which we had since 8 weeks of age who exhibited the same behaviours. After 4 weeks of hell we finally decided to rehome him. It was Kona's behaviour that brought me to this site desperately seeking help.

Kona (now aged 5 months) now lives with my mum who spends 24 hours a day trying (sometimes I think in vain) to tame the savage beast within! Every time I visit Kona at my mum's house I come home covered in terrible bites and deep lacerations. He'll be purring and snuggly one second (that's about as much as he'll dish out) and attacking and biting like a killer python the next. His eyes go bright red and he will latch on to any accessible part of your body and just keep digging his teeth in until he draws blood - quite scary really.

You can learn more about techniques we tried at "Water Gun Works" and see his 8 wk old photo (mug shot) at the post titled "Photo of Kona" (both in the behaviour forum). We tried all the advice given and we had a degree of (very) temporary succes but his nastiness prevailed. It had been suggested by some posters that any kind of "fight back" method would not be good and I now must agree - it seems that using a water gun or similar methods seem to only perpetuate the behaviour in the long run.

Now I don't know if this behaviour is due to the breed or we've just been landed with rotten apples but all I know is that we tried our very hardest to make things work. My suggestion would be to give it your best shot and patiently try all of the techniques offered. If you are still unsuccessful in turning Eekaboo's behaviour around you might need to consider rehoming him but please don't put him down - there will be someone out there (like my mum) who'll love him to pieces just how he is!

Good Luck and please keep us posted!

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I'm sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with your kitty. I'm no expert, but a do have a couple of suggestions:

First of all, I must agree with several of the posts. Please do not hit your kitty. It will only make the situation worse. He will attack in self defense because you are obviously bigger and can cause him more harm than he can you. I use a water bottle to squirt my kitties to stop unwanted behavior, with a pretty good percentage of success.

Second, is your kitty neutered? If so, did he get more aggressive after surgery, and were you the one to take him to the vet? I ask this because my mom had a kitten one time. She took her in to be spayed and when she brought her home, it was like Sugar was a different cat! I mean she hated my mom! When we asked around about it we were told that sometimes when a cat experiences a painful event, they will blame the person who put them in that situation. My mom was the one to take her to be spayed. After that Mom was afriad to sleep at night because Sugar would attack her face in the night. But she still loved me and my fiance at the time (now my husband :tounge2.

Siamese cats can be a difficult breed, however not all of them are mean! Far from it! My grandparent has a Siamese for its entire life, and it was the sweetest thing that ever lived!

Good luck!
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