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Super Flying Kitty?

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Okay, I've witnessed Jack to do some amazing jumps and leaps, but I have no idea how this one started... if I had the money, I'd outfit my whole apartment with video cameras... JUST to go back and see exactly what happened.

I have four of those collapsible kitty cubes in a larger cube configuration, at night they're on the floor, during the day they're on my bed. Being as it's day, they were on the bed. I've been in the living room, and things were a little quiet, so while waiting for the potatoes to cook, I decided to check email... walked past the bedroom.... I'm just about to pass the bedroom door. I hear this noise, like claws trying to grab on to the nylon of those aforementioned cubes... and then I see Jack at my eye level (I'm 5'2"), or maybe a little higher, flying through the air, from the direction of the bed, hitting the closet door (THUD!) and then bolting around toward the side of the bed nearest the window and promptly under the bed. I, upon seeing Jack flying higher than I've ever seen him, walk into the room and see JoJo emerging from where the pillows are, behind the cubes... looking all innocent.

It's a mystery... I'm thinking JoJo scared the cr** outta him and he tried to get away from her via going up and over the cubes, then finding they don't support his weight... I'm still not sure how he was able to get as high as he did, but da** I'd love to see the nonexistent video footage. I dunno... man i wish I had see the whole thing... and caught it on tape.

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LOL! Oh my gosh! I'd be wanting to see that in replay too!
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