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Getting new kittens, need advice *LONG*

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I just joined this forum. I have 1 cat, Bagels. He's a 7 yo DSH we got from the pound.

Now, I have a question. I've been thinking of getting 2 new kittens ( Burmese, to be exact ) from a reputable breeder. Lurking this forum, I've heard several stories of Burmese especially innapropriately peeing and spraying. Can anyone tell me if it's more common with this breed...? I fear that my dad will have a '0-tolerance policy' with that. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES cats, but sometimes he just doesn't get it.

Let me tell you about my cat.

Bagels is a 7-year-old, neutered male cat. He is a DSH that we rescued from our local pound 5 years ago, when he was 2. He is a doll. A real human! At night he comes up on my bed and lays with me, body under the covers, head on the pillow, purring like a motor engine. He's extremely placid, and just has that whole 'I'm sleepy, can I sleep on your lap, or I'll sleep anywhere, as long as it's comfortable, because I'm sleeeeeeepy' attitude. He's a bit overwieght, and I'm trying to make him lose some pounds, but he's not really too inclined to play. He's indoor/outdoor. Oh, and he's very tolerant/gentle, never uses his claws, but he has nipped me on occasion in the past when I got a little to carried away with petting (on his stomach). Honestly, I don't know how he is around other cats. One time my sister (lives somewhere else) brought her cat to our house, and while Bagels was on my lap, she dropped a piece of bacon on the floor for her cat (named Basie) to eat. Bagels jumped out of my lap ( I tried to get him) and went over to the bacon, he's a food junkie. Basie started hissing and clawing, and she just started flat-out attacking him. Bagels didn't do ANYTHING to provoke her, except trying to steal her bacon quietly. We quickly broke up the fight and put Basie in the bathroom, and gave Bagels some extra loving for the next couple of days. He doesn't seemed phased today, but then again he hasen't seen another cat since then. Basie is a female DSH, was 1 at the time I believe. All in all, he's just a big sweetheart.

However, I think he might become jealous. I mean, he was pretty much the center of attention to us for the last 5 years. Honestly, I don't know if it will really be a problem though. With his temperment, I'd think that it would be fine, no troubles (hardly). But I'm no expert.

Basically, I'm wondering if he'll accept the new burmese kittens without spraying/marking or being territorial/aggressive (or vice versa!!!). He's shown no particular signs of any of that to us, but then again we're just humans. He's never sprayed or anything like that before.

If all is well, I was planning on getting male & female littermates. Do you suggest I get two females instead to eliminate competition between the resident cat and the kitten of the same sex? They will most likely be Burmese kittens, in case that changes anything. And they will be spayed/neutered at an early age. They will be indoor only if we get them.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

EDIT: Bagels doesn't have a litterbox, he just goes in our front bushes in the mulch. He used to have a litterbox but he went in the bushes so much that we decided that there was no use for it. Should we bring back a litterbox JUST for him if the kittens come?
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I think it will go well. Especially since yo are planning on two kittens. I would suggest females though. There is a lot of people here who can give you better advice than I can when it comes to introducing the cats to eachother.
From how you describe your cat I would guess that a couple of female kittens would be able to charm him quite fast.
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First question, are you planning on the kittens to be indoor-outdoor? Second, nuetered cats should'nt spray, nuetered or spayed will do gland scent marking wich is rubbing on things. I would definitely put a litter box in the house, give him the option for now before new kits come. This will help establish litter box only in the house and where you are going to keep it should stay the same after new arrivals, possibly add another as well.
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As I mentioned above, the kittens will be indoor only. They will definitely be spayed/neutered.

I really do prefer male cats, that's why I'm asking. If you really think it'll be okay, I'll go with 1 male/1 female or 2 males.

Also, are Maine Coons dominant cats? After visiting a cat show we have fallen in love with them and their temperments. My dad is especially smitten. Do you think male Coons would be compatible with Bagels?
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Since you have breed specific questions, you might try asking in the Breeder's forum.And unless you're getting into cat shows, you might consider adopting mixes with the breed traits that you like. JC is a mix, but has all the Maine Coon traits that I've seen at the shows - big, friendly with all and everyone, human, dog, cat, male or female, young or old. He looks like a lynx in the winter - the big ruff; tufted ears; long bushy tail;the fluffy britches, big round paws with fur between the pads that acts like snowshoes- MCs are "working cats" and need lots of extra exercise, which makes it hard for them to be indoor-only (according to my vet, and several MC owners that I've talked to) and they love snowttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v221/susano1989/SusansPicts657.jpg
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