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Crystal went to the vet today

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She hasn't been acting like her normal self and has been peeing on things way too much.

The vet took urine and blood samples. He not inclined to think it's a UTI because the urine visually looks ok. He thinks it may be her kidneys or thyroid , we just have to wait on the test results to come back in.

Poor girl also had earmites. She had them last year too, which I don't understand because none of the cats go outside and none of the other cats ever get them. But he said maybe one of the others is a low grade carrier.

She got an application of revolution , she also had a flea! That time of the year

The revolution on her scares me a bit because about 7 years ago after she had an advantage treatment she had to be at the vet for 9 days She had vomiting, diarrehha (spelled wrong I know) and profound weakness in her back legs. Even today her back legs aren't right, her toes drag the floor when she walks.

I'll let you know what happens with the blood and urine results.
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Oh Diane

I am sending Mega good vibes to Crystal, and MANY calming vibes to you!
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Sending you and Crystal vibes that everything turns okay. lucky vibes!!
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Oh Diane!

Many, many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ headed to Crystal and lots of and calming }}}VIBES{{{ headed your way
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sending good }}}}vibes{{{{ & big hugs to you
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Thanks everyone!

Crystal vet wasn't in today but the one of the newer vets looked over her results and says all looks well! But she will put the file on Crystals vet's desk so he'll see it Monday.

There is a slight irregularity with her liver but I get the feeling it's something that occurs with age (she's 12 yrs old) and nothing to be overly concerned about.
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That's excellent news Diane! I have been thinking of you and Crystal!
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I was thinking of you too, Diane! I'm so pleased that you received positive results!
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