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the worlds sleepiest kitten=cuteness warning!!!

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I think I have the world's sleepiest kitten. Or maybe Luck just tires him out everyday, that he's exhausted by the time I get home.... but when I say sleep, I mean sleep. You can move him, pet him, hang him by a foot, and he won't wake up! But I have to warn you: these are really really cute!!!

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I just sucked all the air out of the room!
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and I just love this one....
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OMG he is so ADORABLE !!!! Kiko was like that has a baby and he never out grew it ..... you can do anything to him while he sleeps .....move him, pick him up anything and he just keeps sleeping ........ cute baby boy there !!!
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Ok, these are after I tried to pick him up and love him a little....please disregard the cellulite in my thighs -k-?
***also, he is actually sleeping in these pictures....out cold!!!

and this was while I was trying to do some work on the computer....disregard the messy desk...that's where everything ends up.
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Hilarious !!!!!!
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Sooo cute!

Oh, and just so ya know, my cellulite could eat your cellulite for breakfast!!!
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Those are seriously cute pictures. What a little honey!

Reminds me of when our daughter was christened. She slept through the whole thing including the water on the forehead. In EVERY picture of her christening she is sound asleep.
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He is SOOOO adorable! I just love little striped tabbies.

Also noticed he's sporting some highly fashionable clear soft claws there in that last picture. TOO CUTE.
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lol how cute, and well you have to love men, my husband saw the pics and first notice was the paws, HUGE, or in his words Mammoth paws. ROFL
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Awww he is gorgous... can he give my little guy some sleeping lessons please.

I think he has inherited all his fathers siamese genes.. aghhhh
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auw what great shots.
he's got MASSIVE paws!!

thanks for making me smile
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Oh my word!. Is that one relaxed and happy baby or what!! What a little cherub he is
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Oh he's too sweet ! I just want to kiss those little pads on his feet(paws)!!!
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Awww, he reminds me so much of my Davidson! The coloring and his paw pads are all so similar

What a cutie, I love sleepy kitties!
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He's sooo cute! I wish I could sleep like that!
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Whattt a cutie.. I love watching my cats as they sleep!
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Awwww! I want to kiss his little face! (Yes, I am a kitten kisser!!!!)
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[quote=GingersMom;1335891] Awwww! I want to kiss his little face! (Yes, I am a kitten kisser!!!!) [/QUOT

and we are kitten biters!!! we love to bite his little belly, and bite his little legs! Hey, it's an Italian thing, they are all biters in our family!!! And Louie thinks it's just great!
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Just thought I'd mention the cutest thing: LuckyGirl decided that Louie needed a bath, and while she was cleaning him, he was searching for a teet! It was so cute that he thought of her in a motherly way, and it just made my heart melt! She was not as thrilled that he was rummaging through her belly fur! And she was sure to wap him on the head and Meow at him!
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Those pics are so cute! I love it when Phantom sleeps with us at night. I will adjust and she will stand up to move and just fall over and whereever he head lands is where she sleeps!!
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Sleeping kittens are the most precious thing ever
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Thanks for the cuteness warning...I could have been seriously hurt had I not 'braced' myself for this. The second series of pictures about finished me off....I am lucky to be alive!

What a doll baby! I noticed those big feet, too. You are going to have a great big snuggle monster when he's grown up!
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Thanks everyone for the compliments!!! Louie is just a doll baby....sometimes I can't even take it he's sooo cute! And, I hate to even say it, but he's kinda airheaded, not like LuckyGirl at all.... he's so oblivious and baby-like he'd chase his own tail for an hour if I'd let him! And he falls for the same tricks over & over & over & over! Not Luck, she can open all of my cabinets, and they click when they close...it's not like they open easily! Then she crawls in and knocks her cans of food out onto the floor, like "hint hint meowmy". She has taught the baby to get her collar off of her, everyday now I have to put it back on. And she's calculating, she walks by her daddy, 1-2 times & if he doesn't notice her, she throws herself down on the carpet laying on her side real dramatically....until he comes down to lay with her on the floor! What a princess!
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I love the one with his paw over his eyes. Like he saying " Leave me alone, I'm asleep over here."
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What an adorable little baby!! Congrats on your new baby! I love the name Louie, that's so cute.
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If you ever want to bring him down to GA for some petsitting, I'm definitely available (and hooked- he is too precious!) .
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