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new kittens

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My sister and I took in two new kittens from my neighbor. The grey one I just wanted cause he's so darn cute, and the black and white one we took cause he had an accident at their house and is now permenantly brain damaged. Anyway, I took this cute pic of Granger( black and white) and Professor McGonagall (grey) sleeping in the food dish. I thought it was too cute.

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Ohhh they are beautiful so cuddly looking Awwwwwww
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Awwww poor little things! Good on you for taking them in. Little Professor McGonagall is very sweet What happened with Granger? Will he live until old age? How serious is his brain damage?
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They are little precious's!! I love them both!
Yeah..I'd like to know how serious that little black & white fluff's brain damage is too..HE IS TOO CUTE!
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My neighbors dog washed Granger a little too vigorously. I liken it to shaken baby syndrome. When my neighbor's son brought him over his head was turned around backward and we thought he had a broken neck, but it turned out he was severely disoriented and thought that behind him was straight ahead. He had some medicine and his head is mostly back around straight again, but is still a little crooked. He is as better as he is going to get. The vet said that if he couldn't get to his food and water on his own he'd have to be put down, but he can do that, he just probably won't be able to do all normal kitty things like jump up on stuff and things like that. He did his first ever little jump today at almost 9 weeks old, and it was about inch off the ground, so cute. We love him anyway, and he'll always have a home here. I should have clarified his condition in my original post, sorry about that.
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They are both beautiful kittens. You are wonderful to have taken them in. They are lucky to have you. I'd love to see more pics of them!
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