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I thought i'd post a couple more pictures of Libby - just because there are so many cute kitten pictures here and i want to join the proud meowmys and daddys and show everyone my cat!!

These were taken a few weeks ago. She's getting bigger every day now.

She has such a serious little face!!

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Such cuteness! I can't take it - I'm SWOONING!!!!!

Please, PLEASE give that little one a smooch right on her nosie for me!!!!
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That little pink nose is absolutely precious!
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Whattt a darlinggggggggggg.. SoOO adddorrabbbllee!!!

Ohhh,, too cute!!
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She's cuter than CUTE!!!
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O M G..................and No CUTENESS warning, now I have to go to ER for a bad bruise on my jaw
what a cutie pie love her to itsy, bitsy, squidgy bits

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