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kits only eat dry food

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do any of you guys know whether it is okay for 7 and a half week old kits to only eat dry food? i put down wet food but they try to bury it! mum ends up eating it.they drink water and cat milk/nurse from mum,they are gaining weight,im giving them whiskas kit biscuits,as my store dosnt seem to sell any other SMALL biscuits.the wet meat im offering is whiskas kit food,ive tried mixing it with cat milk/water...not interseted,can any one suggest any thing else,mums being spayed next tuesday so really need to find something they will eat/that WONT give them diarrhoea would appreciate your advice.thanks.
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As long as they are drinking plenty of water I don't think it is a big issue. All my kittens took straight to dry food at 5 weeks and remained on it.

I am not sure what dry kitten formulas/wet kitten formulas are available in the UK so I would wait until someone else comes along with that info
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okay..thanks for your input.
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hi i'm from uk, lol, i recomend Royal Canin Babycat 34, its a great start for kittens, i work for the cats protection league and we feed it to our kittens there, i also feed it it my baby ragdoll and baby chinchilla persian aswell as the 3 foster kittens i have, its worth every penny if you want to get more advice about royal canin they have a website, if you cant get this try the kitten varieties of Hills Science plan or Purina , i would buy both of these for my kitties if i couldn't get RC, if you feed mum whiskers kitten meat then if the kittens do try it it wont be bad for thier tummies but its not a problem if they never eat wet food, the dry food is a complete food and they will thrive quite happily on this so no need to worry, just sit back and enjoy your babies.
i hope this helps

good luck

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When I weaned the kittens, they got canned food to start with (made it soupy) till they were eating solid foods. Then gradually I introduced dry food mixed in the can, and kept increasing dry till it was no canned, only the dry.

Even then I wet down the dry for awhile. Then offered them a choice of a little dry food with water and dry food with no water.
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okay ill tty and find it today,thanks so much.
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Your vet should be able to get the RC babycat for you, it is very good for kittens due to the size of the biscuits. HiLife do a kitten food, it is quite pricey £2.99 for 8 pouches), and Felix, Whiskas, Iams, and some supermarket own brands also do wet kitten food, most are chunks though rather than supermeat/pate.
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