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Help Please!

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Sorry if this is in the wrong spot but hopefully it will get an answer since the Cat Lounge is always bustling!


I wanted to find out if there is anything ELSE I need to have my two stray kittens tested for BEFORE I let them in the house with Maui? Of course I will do introductions first....

They have been tested for FelV/FIV (results were FelV- and FIV+ for both boys).

I know if they have worms or fleas those could be passed to Maui- but is there anything else I should test for?

Also- is there a way to tell if you have a kitty with worms besides taking them to the vet?
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Generally speaking, if a cat has worms they will have stinky and soft poo. They may even scoot around the room because of residue.
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Another sign is a swollen or pot belly. My kitten (rescued stray) has a persitent case of roundworms that she's being treated for and her little belly is too big for her body. Coccidia is another parasite that's caused by an organism similar to giardia. Ear mites are another possible nasty.

Please make sure to wash your hands well after handling the kitty and scooping the litter.

How are the kitty's eyes and nose? If he has a runny nose, goopy eyes, or sneezes, be care. He could have an upper respiratory infections (URI) that your resident cat could contract. Feline Herpes Virus is one cause of URIs, plus another virus but I can't recall the name.

Good luck!
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I was told you can find out if the cat has worm with how hard her Belly is!! My little kella and alex the strays both had hard bellys!!
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Hmmm... they do both seem to have hard bellies!

Their poo smells like normal poo to me, so it's hard to say- I think it all stinks when it's fresh!

Eyes & nose- they seem ok to me. I will check very closely when I get home tonight. I do know Cricket has some smudge under his eye but it has been there all along- I'll try to wipe it off (gently!) tonight and see if it comes back.

I called a vet nearby- not the one I have been taking my animals too all along- to see if they are open on Saturday... She questioned why I would have not put FIV+ kitties to sleep and why I was considering putting them with an FIV- cat... I explained I had been reading a lot about it and that I am hopeful it was a false positive through them nursing although it may not be. I'm just surprised at how vets I've called don't even really consider keeping an FIV+ cat alive?!

Well anyway- I think I may take them to the vet on Saturday to check for worms and bugs and those sort of things before putting them with Maui. I'd like to meet this vet anyway and then I can decide which I like better.

I'll try to take some pics tonight!
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I am continually amazed at the ignorance of some vets FIV & FeLV are not death sentences!!!!! I'm so happy you're giving these little boys a chance at a good life I'm keeping up hope that they will revert to negative
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