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Thoughts on vaccinating when I volunteer?

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I just went back & read through some old threads on vaccinations. I have seriously been considering stopping vaccinating my three cats. Twitch is 4, Lily is 1, & Ophelia is 3. They are indoor only, no more leash walking as they all hate it & want back inside anyways. However, I volunteer at the local Humane Society which gets in any stray cat picked up, etc. They have ringworm cats, have had distemper go through, URIs, etc. The basic, "too many cats in one place", diseases.

Am I overly paranoid if I continue to vacciante yearly? Would I be risking the kitties health? I know Twitch has had more than her fair share of health problems, loosing her teeth, being deaf, mouth ulcers, URI, etc. I know the odds of me bringing some of these diseases home are slim to none, but I would crawl in a hole & die if I actually did! I know I brought ringworm home to my kitties, but that is much easier to bring home than some of the other diseases.
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I think vaccinations are important. But if you are concerned about the vet clinic have a look if they offer a house visit. I know that our veterinary clinic does and they are happy to vaccinate cats at home.
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When I come home after working on a dicey cat I strip off all my clothes in the garage and head straight to the shower. I never pet or talk to anyone until after I am clean. I've been doing it this way for 34 years and haven't ever transmitted so much as a flea.

I don't vaccinate after the first year and prefer to spend my energy ensuring that they keep a good immune system going instead. Good food, good exercise, and lots of lovin
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i DON'T know.. I think they are important. If your cats don't have any medical issues with taking the shots,, then better to be safe then sorry.. I couldn't imagine how i'd feel if my cats got sick becuase I didn't give the shot... Just my opinion.
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The problem is, as I just found out with Ginger, is that you don't know if they are going to have a reaction until you bring them in for the next shot. Reactions can be caused by allergies to the vaccine medium, and the more they are exposed to it, the worse the reaction - sort of like humans that are allergic to poison ivy.

Yes, first vaccinations are important, and I will bring Ferris to get his second set of shots next year, but Ginger won't ever get any again, and after the second set of shots, I don't think I'll have Ferris vaccinated any more after that.

Seeing Ginger have that reaction last week, and knowing she could potentially die from it - that was just WAY too scary, and I'd rather be safe than sorry all around.

I think that as long as you follow Cearbhaill's lead, your kitties will be perfectly fine.
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I personally would have blood titers done to ensure there immunity ...
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