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Animals on Freecycle.

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I have noticed a trend latley on the freecycles i am subscibed to, people giving away animals, usually kittens and puppies. I hate reading them because some of the reasons for giving them up are really stupid... "Oh someone gave my son a kittky for a present, but it's really to much for us, so now we need to get rid of it." On person was even giving away an older cat like 10 yrs. old...i feel so bad for it, to get a new home after that long

I wish i could take them because i could give them a good home but i am not set up for it. I don't think sending them and angry email would do anygood.
It is just so sad.
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I'm requesting that this be moved to SOS as that is a more appropriate forum for this post. Yes, it is tragic that people do not consider their animals more important...but until we bring the numbers down....there will always be people looking to get rid of an animal by whatever means they can.

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I know it won't stop people from trying to give away animals, but we recently had an influx of this and I emailed the admin and moderators who have now banned the memebrs from the list!

No freecycle group agrees to the giving away of animals, but they do sadly lack in active moderators to prevent these sorts of adverts
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Ok, thanks, how do i move it to SOS?
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Originally Posted by Luvs2Be View Post
Ok, thanks, how do i move it to SOS?
A moderator will most likely move it.

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That is really really really sad!! the poor thing!
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More people need to understand this:

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Actually on the freecycle group in my area, it is against the rules to post animals to give away, but there is an animal group (on yahoo) for my area that does allow for posting for local rescue groups and pet owners to post about wanted animals or for animals for sale or unfortunately, to be given away or for lost and founds.
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