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flea meds and heartworm?

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Sammie will soon be 7 weeks. I was just wondering what you all use for heartworm and fleas? Actually i'm not even sure cats take heartworm meds. My labs use interceptor, for heartworm and k9 advantix for fleas and ticks. I know you can't use advantix for cats. I would like to stay fairly inexpensive on the flea stuff. Sammie is a 24/7 inside cat so its just precaution that i want to use it in the summer months in case one happens to come in on the dogs. Ok, thanks alot. Oh, do you prefer a pill or topical? i was worried about the topicals since the clean themselves. Thanks.

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I use Revolution (a topical)- it controls fleas, heartworm, earmites, roundworms, and hookworms.
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does that topical hurt them though?? I need to do the same for my girls!!
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Bijou and Mika each get Revolution once per month in the spring/summer/fall months. When Mika was smaller she got a different dosage of course, but we are very happy with Revolution and it only annoys them (it's liquid) until it dries. We also keep them separated (sleep in separate rooms) until it's dry on each of them.
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Nothing - mine are all inside cats and never have used it. The dog gets her heartworm medicine and flea application and never has had any fleas; thus the cats are protected too.
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My Gizmo is an indoor cat, but mosquitoes carry heartworm and it's endemic here, so she gets Revolution. This also protects her against fleas and ticks. You'd be surprised at how they can travel on people's clothes. It is a good idea to use this on indoor cats as well as outdoor.
The Revolution is a good product that has no side effects that I could see, though some users had them with their cats--perhaps the dose was too high.
You must get this product through a veterinarian, who will tell you the correct dose to use. Once a month, and that's it. Gizmo gets it on the back of her neck and has 'spiked punk' hair for a while, but she adjusts to it.
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Talked to the vet. Sammie doesn't go till he is 8 weeks but he sent home some worming medicine for him. ( i was there for Zoey's, labrador, last round of shots) I also took in a stool sample and he said it was clear. We will see what he says about heartworm and flea meds when i take him in. I'm sure i will use something in the summer months but i don't think it will be necessary in the winter. Thanks for all the advice.
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