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Could I get some vibes for Wonton?

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He's at the vet right now, I'm at home (the vet is 5 mins away from my house). Brought him in and told the vet what's been going on with his aggression issues. Wonton was ok at first, but then the vet tech picked up something and it fell and made a loud noise-and Wonton puffed up a bit and started growling. So basically they're going to do a bunch of blood tests, and also clip his nails while he's there, but it's going to be done under sedation cos he's too riled up, so they'll call me to pick him up when it's done. The vet also made a point of saying he's had to put cats down for this kind of behaviour, which, I knew that already but it still wasn't pleasant hearing it Anyway, if you could just send some vibes that we can find out what's causing this and treat it... the vet suggested Prozac may help, but that we needed to do the blood tests first, of course. I dont want to lose my kitty, I'll do whatever it takes, anything in my power to work this out and get him better. He's my baby, I rescued him. Ok I'm going to stop here before I get emotional. So just..yeah. Some vibes would be much appreciated.
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Sending healing vibes and good news wishes to Wonton. Poor baby. Hugs to you.
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Thank you, I appreciate it <3 He's like my baby, I"m just so attached to him.
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Oh gosh good vibes sent to Wonton and to you.Let us know as soon as you find out anything!!! (We had a cat that went nuts and was attacking my sister and was very aggressive to everyone and come to find out he had a viral infection that affected his eye sight, he turned out fine)
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Major calming vibes being sent out Wonton's way! Please keep us posted - it's so weird that he'd have such a personality switch.

Big hugs to you while you're waiting to hear. Hang in there, Meowmy!!!
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Raphael used to be like that...then he had his first dental. It seems like (and he's had 2 dentals now) that after they take those painful rotting teeth out, he's much more relaxed...so it could be something they can fix very easily!

Good vibes for Wonton!
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Sending lots of vibes for Wanton and hugs for you!
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Heres sending vibes to both you and Wonton .... I know its been a crazy time for you and Wonton ... hope things get better for Wonton and its something simple and fixable !!!!
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I was just thinking about Wonton, wondering if he'd been to the vet yet. Calming vibes for the both of you.
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sending lots of healing vibes for Wonton....maybe he's just really stressed over something....I had never heard LuckyGirl more than Meow, but now with the new baby, she makes these grumbling noises that sound like a belly growling....but somehow Louie knows to slowly back away.... could it be anything else??? Behavior is usually linked to something..... keep us posted. I will keep that beautiful boy in my prayers!
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Here's some vibes for Wonton
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I'm sending calming vibes to Wonton.
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Sending lots of vibes to Wonton, and to you. You never hope that a kitty is sick, but if the aggression issue is somehow tied to an easily alleviated ailment it would sure be a good thing in this case!
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Sending over some vibes for your poor baby and for you. I know its rough for you. Maybe it will end up being something fixable.
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Poor thing! Any updates?
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Poorrr Wonton.. I'm sending all kinds of vibes both calming and loving,, from me and my girlie cats!!

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Oh I hope and pray everything is working out with Wonton!
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You and Wanton are in my thoughts and prayers!
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The vibes of vibes I send to you.
and more
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I surely hope that Wonton gets to feeling better. You have all the vibes I can muster, rest assured.
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I hope Wonton is feeling better very soon!!
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Thank you everyone, you are all so sweet <3 It really helps just to have peoples support (and the one other time I asked for vibes, it worked - I asked ppl send vibes that my tooth not hurt me anymore til I could get to the dentist - and it didnt! ).

Update: Wonton is back from the vet's. The vet said he'd be woozy for a day or so, and probably uninterested in eating. Wonton cried all the way to the vets, like he usually does, but on the way back he was calm and just sat there looking at me, so I can tell he's still got sedative in his system. I let him out of his carrier when we got home, and he head-butted me and then made a tour of the apartment (slowly), making sure everything's the same as he left it, and then - made a beeline for his food dish. So I guess he's feeling ok . He does seem a little sleepy though - he's now in on the bed grooming himself.

We get the blood test results back tomorrow or Monday at the latest. People keep saying they had a cat with aggression issues that turned out to have an illness, so I am really hoping it's something not serious, and fixable. If not, I'm hoping the Prozac will work. Does anyone have experience with putting cats on Prozac?
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Sending LOTS of vibes that it is EASILY fixable!!!Hugs.
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Sending lots of good vibes to you and Wonton
Crystal was also at the vet today and got bloodtest...the waiting is hardest.
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Just got to this thread. Here's more vibes and hugs for Wonton. I hope the problem is something that can be easily solved. If he gave you a nice head butt he still loves you!
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Originally Posted by stormy View Post
Sending lots of good vibes to you and Wonton
Crystal was also at the vet today and got bloodtest...the waiting is hardest.
Thanks, and good luck with Crystal, I hope you get good news back too xx

Jean44 - Thanks He's snoring on my lap right now
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Has he always been a bit aggressive, or is this a recent thing? How old is he?
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Good vibes for you and Wonton... I hope it turns out to be something easily cured/fixed.

If the blood tests don't turn up anything... check these people out... it's expensive... but probably not too much more than Prozac.

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Sending more {{{calming prayers and vibes}}} to Wonton (oh, I just LOVE that name ). By the way, you might check out the book "CAT CONFIDENTIAL, The Book Your Cat Would Want You to Read" by British cat behaviorist, Vicky Halls. Chapter 3 has some excellent viewpoints on The Aggressive Cat
My Miss Tobie (now over RB) was aggressive - I got her from the shelter where the police brought her when they rescued Miss Tobie's former owner & her 2 young children from a particularly violent episode of abuse by the husband/father. Miss Tobie was declawed, and very aggressive to certain people (she was declawed in the front, so was prone to bite). She started out as an office cat, but began being too aggressive to certain men; I brought her home, and sometimes she would lash out at me It all ended when my hubby & I were laying in bed watching TV, and Miss Tobie was between us, calm. My grandson had just come in (he was 6yo at the time) and got on my other side. Suddenly, Miss Tobie sat up & bit my arm! Before I could finish my loud sqawk, my grandson cuddled up to her, gave her a hug and said, "You don't have to bite anymore, Miss Tobie. This is a real family now with a real house for you to live in, not an office" and the cat promptly lay back down, began purring and was never aggressive to people again Who knows why it worked, but it did and were we ever so happy!
So, Wonton, I hope that you find the answers so that you too can relax and just enjoy the love that you've found
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