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Have you always been a Cat Lover?

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A newbie to kitties on TCS made me think of this:

Have you always loved cats?
If not, when did you first convert to a cat-person?

I've seen "I only like dogs" kinda ppl fall for a kitty when one arrives in their life somehow...it is a great thing to witness!

I grew up with cats, out of the womb loving them I think. My first cat, Charlie, was two years old when I was born and died when I was 18... I dont recall a time when I didnt love him or all cats.
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No. I grew up with parents that hated cats.They thought they were sneaky.
Their thoughts kind of rubbed off on me.
My hubby and I had dog/s and were VERY happy.That was until a little flea,tick infested,starved,dehydrated kitten happened to be walking on the side of the road.DH came home and got me.I have a "sense" about me that animals feels comfortable with me.He said he tried to catch it,but it wouldn't come to him.I went with him and called once for it to come to me.It came running full force to me.We brought it home and saw that it was a SHE!!! We named her Patches and had her for years until she passed away.
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As long as I can remember I've loved cats. The family got their first cat when I was 5 years old. I always wanted more than one, but my parents would only allow one at a time. So now I have 4 & it's very hard not to have more.
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My parents always had at least two cats and one dog while I was growing up. The only difference now is that I keep my cats indoors, while my parents still believe in outdoor cats. They now have two (Max and CoCo) and there's a cat that, from my dad's description, look like my Jack, whose been hanging around. So, there may be three again... Although my dad is just calling him New Cat.

I've always been around them, always loved them. Can't imagine my life without them, although it took me about a year of no pets before i broke down and adopted. I think part of it was not wanting to pay the exorbitant fees of the first apartment I lived in... then i moved into the townhouse and Charlie (landlord/next door neighbor) didn't care so much, as long as I paid my rent, he didn't care.
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I've had cats since I've been a little girl. In fact, I don't remember a time in my life when one wasn't there. There was a period of time in college that I wasn't allowed to have one due to house rules (room mates that hated them, landlord's that didn't allow for them ect...). As soon as I got my own place 8-Bit adopted us. Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds came soon after. Now that we are moving to a larger apartment Hendrix (to be renamed shortly after he comes to us) will be joining us as well.
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No, I'm kinda like Crittermom. My sister had really bad allergies, my grandmother had always hated cats (I think she was afraid of them, really), and my parents would only let us have goldfish as pets. My dad hated cats, too, although he was less vocal about it than his mother. It wasn't until I was about ten years old, when a friend of my mother noticed how lonely I seemed, that it was suggested that maybe my sister and I needed a pet. One of my teacher's had a barn cat who'd had a litter of kittens, so once my mom's friend convinced her that I needed a cat, we went and picked one of the kittens out. PJ is 17 or 18 now and still going strong -- and she made a cat-lover out of my father! (My grandmother never did come around, but she would tolerate PJ because PJ was never the kind of cat that forced herself on people.)
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yep, I've always loved cats, even though my first cat memory is of my grandmother's siamese full on attacking me when I was three. All credit to my mom, she somehow must have made me see that not all cats are bad, because my next memory is of our first cat, Lucy, a gray and white kitty who used to sleep on my bed every night. We always had cats growing up, and I've always loved them...I love all animals but there's just something about cats <3
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I am among the lucky ones who grew up in a family of animal lovers.
I'm actually not a 'cat person', but an animal person.
I only have more cats than any other pet because they are relatively small and inexpensive.
The list of pets I'd love to share my life with, however, is quite long lol
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a born cat-lover here! my family always had a cat when I was growing up, and when I moved out I lasted about 4 months before I snuck a cat into my apartment When i was in college I came home almost every weekend so I wasn't really catless
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I have always loved cats got my first cat when I was 2 years old and he was born in the hollow of a tree the only long haired one out of the bunch...he lived to be 18! There were some dogs in there too but always a CAT!! I shared a room with my sister and my side of the room was all cats...posters, stuffed animals, statues u name it and my sis's side of the room had all boys..like Donny osmond and Bobby sherman etc...
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I love all animals. When I was a child I was the only one in my family to want a pet. My parents tried to satisfy me with first a fish then a bird and finally when I was about 7 a cat. That was it. I was in love. Have been ever since altho secretly I think my father adored the cats too. I would love to get a dog someday and I really want a lizard.
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I actually never liked cats. In fact, I was sort of afraid of them until I met Ian's mom's cats (I was 18). Then, I was hooked!
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I love all animals too. I guess I really turned into a cat person 4 years ago when we got Emily.
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I was born into a house of cats.. and I will always have cats.

I don't see how people can't not like cats. They are awesomestest
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I grew up in a love dogs only house, and hate cats house. But I love all animals,, except reptiles (sorry, they creep me out, that an Mice creep me out too..) But my sister and father and mother all hateeee hatteee cats. My sister won't come to my house because I have 2 cats now.. So whatever,, her issue not mine. She says it makes her eyes swell up, and she feels hacky. Whateveerrr. But i'm the one who always calls the animals and they come to me, and there sweet on me.. not my family and not even my husband!

Anyways.. My husband hatteedd cats, until I talked him into getting Angel, and he's about as hooked as I am... He loves those cats,, he's very sweet to them and tried for over 3 weeks to act like he's a dog man only!! Whateverrr!!!!

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I grew up in a family where dogs were the preferred pet and was actually afraid of cats when I was little. My family didn't get their first cat until I was in college and my roomate's cat had kittens. I brought one of them home and my parents had her for 15 years (RIP Missy). I was fond of Missy, but never got particularly close to her since I was away from home all that time. It wasn't until a tiny black kitten entered my life 13 years ago that I truly became a cat "convert." I owe it all to my sweet baby girl, Katie!
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I have always loved all animals, though there were never cats in my immediate life until I was on my own. I grew up with dogs, and would have had one, when it was time to get a pet of my own, but did not, nor do I yet, have an appropriate lifestyle for a dog. Since I wanted a critter I could have a real relationship with, who would care whether I was home or not, more than just about whether dinner had been served, the natural choice was a cat. In 1978 Shasta came into my life, and educated first me and then Rob, who had also grown up with dogs. Now I can't imagine not having at least one cat, and preferably more. Perhaps once we're both retired our lifestyle will be appropriate for a dog, too.
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I've NEVER understood how anyone could hate cats! It makes no sense to me.

I've always loved animals and had both cats and dogs growing up. My husband and I were "closet" cat people for a long time. We both loved cats but didn't have one for about 15 years because of various factors (mainly our dogs and money). We had talked about getting a cat once our current dog passes away because we assumed he wasn't cat-friendly. Fortunately, we were wrong about that. Now we have our little girl Lusa.

It's great to be a cat person again!
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Originally Posted by Leto86 View Post
I was born into a house of cats.. and I will always have cats.

I don't see how people can't not like cats. They are awesomestest

Me too...I've always lived with cats and am lonely w/o them. Went two years after my beloved Tess died at 22....then I found Smidge (who has some Tess in her and some Minh...my soulmate kitty I had for 10 years who died at 14).

And yes! They are the awesomest!
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I was born and grew up being surrounded by cats and dogs although the dogs were usually outnumbered by cats. My Nan started it, she always had cats and dogs along with chickens,ducks and a goat. My Mum also carried on with the tradition with Cats,Dogs and Rabbits. I think we've only gone one year without a cat since I was born and even then we had dogs to keep us company.
I can't imagine not having a cat - I just know I'm going to end up like my mum and nan with lots of cats - I've already started
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I have always have had a cat or 2 or 15 since I was a very tiny girl. At one time when I was little, we had 2 mama cats (mother and daughter) who had 15 kittens between them. Both mamas gave birth the same night. They pooled the kittens and we didn't know which kitten belonged to which mama. They fed each others babies. LOL Pity the poor dog that came into OUR yard. There was one dog that actually was trying to climb a tree to get both mama's off his back. All claws and teeth! Teach them to come around their babies!

One cat I got when I was in 2nd grade was Tarzan, a grey striped tiger. He died when I was 22. He was big and fat and couldn't get away from a neighbor's dog that attacked him in our yard. Poor boy. He had survived UTI just to be killed by a stupid dog.

Since I have been married, we have always had at least 1 cat. My hubby is a cat lover too.
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I grew up on a farm with dogs, but there were a couple of cats. They weren't very social however, and were pretty much in charge of patrolling the barns.

Almost 17 years ago, a couple I know found a young gray female cat underneath a shed in their back yard, with, lo and behold, a litter of kittens. (They had mom spayed a short time later and named her "Blue", and she lived with them for the rest of her life, passing away just 2 years ago) They were able to find homes for all the kittens, including the Topsy half of the twins, Topsy and Turvy. So, with only Turvy left, they started in on me.."Oh your house is so empty and you like live by yourself, you NEED this kitten". To be honest, I gave in to quit hearing it, and was even a bit put out by the idea of going to the vet for shots and surgery, and having to buy litter and pans and food and bowls and yada yada yada......

Just a short while before bedtime that first night she was at home, baby Turvy noticed a spot on the wall, almost 2 feet from the floor, and she went after it. Watching that little bundle of fuzz with feet bouncing and leaping and doing backflips and pawing at the wall had me laughing so hard that I almost could'nt breathe....we've been buds ever since, and she is still very much with us....grand matron to the rest of the tribe that followed.
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I've always been a cat lover, my husband hasn't...but I turned him into one.
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I've had cats for as long as I can remember. But I honestly can say, I love all animals. I just prefer cats!
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I always was, and from the time I was 2-3 begged for a kitten, not that I remember but my family loves to tell me, when I was 3 my dad brought me home a puppy for Christmas and I locked myself in my room and refused to play with my new toys because I didn't want the puppy I wanted a kitten.

Then when I was about 11, my neighbour died leaving behind her Russian Blue and I begged and begged to keep him, her son gave me a key while he 'decided what to do about the fleabag' and I went over to her house every day and fed him, brushed him etc but they still wouldn't let me keep him.

So when I moved here and my BF already had 3 cats it was an added bonus
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I was always a cat person because we got our first cat when I was 7 years old. I too have heard about people who were dog-only but then a cat (or 2 or 3 tee hee) captured their heart and they published books about it.

Willie Morris - My Cat Spit McGee - click here .....(Morris is the same author of "My Dog Skip")

Philip Gonzalez - The Dog Who Rescues Cats - click here and here .....(Interestingly, Gonzalez was not a pet-person (dog OR cat!) well into adulthood but when he did eventually allow a dog into his life, well,the rest is history)

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I've loved cats since I can remember. Before, even. There's a picture of me when I was about a year old, playing with our cat Mulligan. I'm not sure what happened to Mulligan. We got another cat, named Allegro, who was the sweetest most darling cat in the world, but she had a problem that made it so she was constantly in heat. Because of that, when we moved away later into a house where we couldn't have cats (no we didn't have a choice, we ended up homeless for a few weeks), no one would adopt her so she had to be PTS . She was the last cat my family had, because my dad left, and my mom doesn't like cats, so we got a dog. I love that dog, I really do, but I really love cats more, so as soon as I got a pet-friendly apartment I got a cat.

The really funny part? My mom claimed we couldn't get cats growing up because my brother and sister are "allergic to cats". Well, as soon as my sister, and later my brother, got their own places... they got cats.
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Yet another person born into a house with cats.

Actually, a kitten and a puppy were in residence when I was born. The first thing Mom did after bringing me home was to sit down and introduce me to them by picking them up one by one and letting them sniff me. After that they would be found sitting under my bassinet when all the family and neighbors came to see the new baby! Who knows what would have happened if someone tried to hurt me!

I was about 4 or 5 when Tom Tinker came (courtesy of my paternal grandmother who found him in the alley behind her house). He is the first cat I can clearly remember.

Dad never really had pets and mom grew up with dogs and cats on a farm. When Dad proposed, he had already been warned by Mom that he would not only get a wife, but a daughter (my sister) and a cat! Apparently he didn't mind.
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I've always been a huge animal lover!! Unfortunately my mom wasn't. When i was about 6 she agreed to give it a try, but changed her mind after about a year. So once I finally got a place of my own I was dying to get one, but kept putting it off since my job wasn't secure. Then one day driving to visit my sister, a little 4 week old kitten in a ditch made the decision for me...and along came Lucky. I can't imagine my house without them anymore!! ANd maybe a few more in the future!
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i have always been a cat lover, the daft part is my grandparents and mum have always had cats, yet can't see why I would want more than one!!! And as for fostering, it isn't mentioned. We had to get rid of our cat when we moved in with my stepdad though, as he hates cats and he also lives on a main road that a lot of cats have lost their lives to, and she had no road sense, it is hte only time I have ever really lived without a cat, as my first housemate had 2. The other daft part is that I Wasn't going to get cats when I was first living on my own, as I didn't think I wanted to be tied down, one turned up (like they do) and that was the start of many!!
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