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Rascal, an Escape Artist!

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Rascal, an Escape Artist!

Rascal has become an escape artist. He can get out of the bathroom window. I didn't want him to be. The people always tell me he never goes anywhere except for the backyard. For a long time, they kept reasurring me. I keep telling everyone if they want to live the window open, then they close the bathroom door so that the cat wont go. But this man NEVER does. I've told him time and time again, but I don't know.

Well, on two weeks ago, on a Saturday night, he got out at 10 pm. I didn't think anything of it until around 3 in the morning. He hasn't returned. I didn't want to go to sleep until I was sure he was safe inside. So, i go out to the backyard with his favorite toy. Called him. After about half an hour, I heard him on the other side of the fence in another neighbor's yard. The fence is too tall for him to climb. So I had to go get him.

And the other day, they left the bathroom open again, and he almost got out, but I got him just in time. I closed the door. He just crying in protest to be let out. I told him, no, its too dangerous. There coulb be cats, dogs, and humans who could do him harm. He just kept protesting. I need to get him a companion.

And last night, Rascal got me upset. He got out and when I went to get him, he wouldn't come to me. Every time I tried to get near him, he would run. Sometimes he would lay quietly with the look of "Come and Get Me!" and when I get near, he would take off, sometimes hiding under a parked car. This happened at eleven at night. I wanted to go to bed. Finally I decided to go to the house. Rascal began following me until we got to the door. Then he wanted to explore the kitchen in the owner's house. I got a bruise on my knee from trying to get him. Finally, I managed to get him to my room at 1 in the morning. I held him and scolded him. Told him he was in time out for being naughty to his mommy. The cat started nuzzling me and kissing my nose as if to say, I'm Sorry!"

I thought neutered cats don't have the desire to roam anymore! Why does he want to be out?
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The outside has so many interesting sights, smells, and sounds -- it is very tempting for kitties to escape so they can explore all of this fun stuff!

I found that growing cat grass helped satisfy my escape artist's desire to be outside. Perhaps this will help you as well.

Good luck!
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