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Rascal's Birthday???

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Okay, I got Rascal in late October of last year when he was six weeks old. I figured he was born sometime in September. I am trying to figure this out because I need to buy him adult cat food now. He is ten months old. So when do I start giving him adult forumla I have kitten food and I think it will last until then. I feed him Iams and Eukanuba brands. I've also been feeding him Whiskas in a Pouch and Nine Lives(he loves those! Comes to me everytime I open one) I also have Iams canned food, but he dosen't like them. He prefers Whiskas so I am going to donate the rest of the cans rather then have them go to waste. I give him wet food once everyday and eats dry food all day long.
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There is really no exact formula, right now your baby is still growing and needs the extra calories. I had my boy on Kitten food until he was 11/2. At that time I started mixing the kitten with the adult and by the time I ran out of the kitten he was completely on adult. That took about 2 months. Hope this helps a little!!
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I switched Puffy to adult formula when he started getting fat - at about 10 months. He's a big cat and isn't all that active. He does much better on adult food. Now I'm thinking of changing them over to hairball formula. He's really struggling with these, and my husband's getting tired of stepping in the mess in the dark!
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