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What a dumb woman!

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a twenty-three-year old woman pleaded "guilty', today to one count of negligent homicide.

Last March, she was driving about 50 mph, in a 35mph zone, while BREAST FEEDING her 10-month old daughter. She rear-ended another vehicle and killed the baby. Her three-year old son, also in the truck, was unhurt.

She was facing vehicular manslaughter and child abuse charges but copped this plea.

It is illegal, in Arizona, for a child under the age of four or, under 40 lbs. to be in a vehicle, without being in a child safety seat.

She could get up to 10 years probation or up to 12 years in jail. Personally, I'm rooting for jail. This will give her son the chance to get big enough, to survive his mother's stupidity AND prevent her from having any more kids, for a long, long time.

Some people should not be allowed to breed!
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That is AWFUL!!!! Who on earth would breastfeed their child while driving?????????
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Some people have just got s*%t between their ears haven't they. There is no excuse for such stupidity.

all you need is a little foresight to be able to assess what might happen . . .
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I agree with Cindy. Stupid people shouldn't breed. And it seems those stupid people always have more than one to put in danger. What was this woman thinking????
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It is quite obvious, that she WASN'T thinking. Why would anyone drive, with a baby on their lap, much less breastfeeding?

My kids were, always secured, in a car and I had them before the safety-seat law. When Mark was 11 days old, a guy ran a red light and broadsided me. Between my big, heavy '64 Impala and the baby seat, he didn't get a scratch.

In the case of this idiot, the airbag deployed and that's what killed the baby.

The cops can stop drivers, with unsecured kids and ticket them. Too bad, that a cop didn't see her, prior to the wreck. He could have nailed her, for speeding, too.
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What an idiot! Just goes to show, the 2 most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity!
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Was this on your local news? I've not been able to find any info on the Web about it.

Just curious.

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Yeah, it happened here, in Tucson.
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What a flipping moron this woman is... geez, helloooo!! Anything else in the head besides hair?

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I can't help but wonder if justice is being done at considerable cost to her remaining three-year-old child.
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Hopefully, the judge will give her jail time, instead of probation. If she gets probation, though it will probably include driving restrictions and supervision of her and her son.
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I agree she wasn't smart to be driving while breastfeeding. I think, though, that probation is good enough -- she has to live with the fact that she KILLED her baby while driving & breastfeeding him..... Is the boy in foster care right now?

Cindy, when did that happen? It didnt make it on the phoenix news, or maybe I just wasnt watching the news at the time.
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If your child is that hungry - pull to the side of the road! I feel the same about people talking on cell phone while driving - pull to the side!
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Tigger, I don't know if it made the Phoenix news. I caught it on the local ABC affiliate, Channel 9, yesterday. There hasn't been anything, in the paper, either.
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Got an update, today. The idiot was sentenced to 3 years probation and has to attend parenting and traffic safety classes. Her drivers' license has been suspended for one year.

I don't think this was a stiff enough punishment. There really ought to be a law against "felony stupid".
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Can you imagine how full the jails would be if all the stupid people were in there??? Besides...who would run things?? :LOL: :laughing:
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Here's the story:

I think that probation is enough .... She has to live with the fact that she killed her baby, and I think that is worse than jail time.
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I saw a story yesterday that is another good reason to jail the stupid. A grandfather left his toddler grandson in the car for 8 hours! I'm sure you all can guess the tragic ending to this story....
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That is terrible. Why am I not shocked to hear that she attempted breast feeding while driving? Geeeze......Only in America.

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I am not condoning her actions by any means and there is NO excuse for what this woman did. She has taken the life of her child and that is a tragedy that she will live with every waking moment of her life and even in her dreams. She is being punished.
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I just read the article. It said that the woman is pregnant. Lord above, I hope she's learned a lesson . What an awful price to pay. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I certainly hope that she now uses her head for something besides holding her ears apart.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy
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I just got home, from work and saw that she is pregnant AGAIN! If ever there was a case for mandatory sterilization, this is it!
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