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Good Morning

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Good morning everyone, hope you are having a lovely day. I woke up a bit early and then Lilly wanted to play she went back to bed but Macy my sister's dog woke her up. Now I am up but I got to go to town anyway today is pay day and got to go pay bills and am going to see if a friend of mine wants to go with me and we will go get some chinesse food. Which I am craving. Tavia is in a very loving mood. And Lilly was wanting lots of ear scratches she is a little clown I am thinking of getting a disposable cam today and taking some pics of them that way you can see what my girlies look like. Love and hugs Gail
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Had to go shopping this morning. Out of chocolate and toilet paper. (Ah, the necessities of fine living...)

Also have to pay bills and make phone calls. Don't wanna do either. *pout*
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Slept terrible last night-so I slept in later this morning. Which puts me behind in all sorts of stuff. Picked lots of tomatoes-I think it will be a daily task now.
Sunny and warm today but still no rain which is badly needed.
Off to hand another load of laundry and run some errands.
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