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Plastic Bowls

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The petsitting thread got me thinking about this- and I didn't want to hijack that thread

Why are plastic bowls bad?
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Bacteria builds up on them and they are a a big culprit of feline acne.
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plastic is porous and absorbs food and germs which leads to the bacteria growth, I've heard the stainless is the best option
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yeps the above posters are correct. We only use stainless steel bowls.
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It's true.........Petals went through a terrible case of feline acne.........just a few months ago.........this was her after going to the vet and having to stay overnight.....

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wow, I didnt know that ! and I have used plastic for years - well for all my cats, with no problems, but I am manic about washing them and I only use anti-bac washing-up liquid, wonder if that makes any difference ?

any other views ?
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I'm sure washing them after every use with an anti-bacterial soap has been part of your good luck. I use stainless bowls but the dish is never used more than once before cleaning in the dishwasher. I have 8 bowls for food plus a water fountain so having a clean bowl for each feeding is never a problem.
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