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I'm VERY happy for you. Have you ever had to give a kitty away before? If so, how old was it?
1 of the kitties that I took to the humane society was a super sweet people loving baby. I helped bring them to the back so they could put them in the cages for quarentine and it broke my heart. When they put her in the cage she just looked at me like I had betrayed her. I hated it! I felt like taking her out of the cage and running for it, not caring what my hubby said, just taking her and never letting her go. I'll post a pic of her so you can see what I mean. Her face is just sooooo innocent and sweet. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. I hope she gets a new owner that will be able to give her a ton of attention. I mean, she NEEDS people. I would try and use the computer and she would just crawl all over me and walk on the keyboard and stand in front of the screen and meow CONSTANTLY until I gave her attention. She also learned from her mommy to jump up on me like a dog. I would call her and she would run over and jump up on me as high as she could reach.(which wasn't very far since she had a little pudgy, kitten belly)
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Here, I copied it from another post of mine. I'm on a different computer so I don't have any other pics of her with me.

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Aww...I know it must have been very difficult to take her to the Humane Society....but better that than a life outdoors intact. I'm sure you could visit her if you wanted.

BTW...that is a great photo...ever thought of submitting it to a calendar?? I know that there is a 365 day cat calendar who is always looking for photos.

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My brother took the pic. He loves taking them. My mother was a photographer when she was young so it must be in the blood.
I don't know if ever has submitted them before. I did submit the pic of my other kitty, Guess, the one I gave to my friend. I don't know if I will win though. Thanks for the compliment, I'll tell my brother, he'll be thrilled.
He should really be a wildlife photographer, I mean, he enjoys it and he's good at it. He could make a good living.
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