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Nutritious treats?

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Are there any kitty treats that are actually good for kitties, or are they all kinda junk food? I don't give them treats a lot but I'm almost out and want to get some more. Anything to encourage Henry to use that scratching post!
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Greenies I think. If you go to their website you can get a few bags of them for free.
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Well...my definition of healthy are treats with no sugars, flours or grains, just a quality protein.

Lots of brands fit that bill
Grandma Lucy's, Rosie's Rewards, Kitty Kaviar, Whole Life Pet Treats, Wildside Salmon, Dr. Harvey's Whisker Smackers and Power Patties, Old West Shrimp or Baa Bits.
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Sierra and Serenity's very favorite natural, healthy treats are Kitty Kaviar, Wildside Salmon, and Grandma Lucy's Mahi-Mahi, and we're also looking forward to trying a new treat shortly! I trust only the excellent quality and standards of the products carried by Pat's store, so my girlies' treats come exclusively from there. You may want to check it out here!
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Gizmo doesn't get treats but I get Wildside Salmon for the Cats Upstairs. They love them.
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