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Does this make me crazy-obsessed?

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So, I love all of my pets, equally. I promise, I really do . I love Elmo the cockatiel because she has such an attitude with everyone but me. I love Maya the turtle because she is so unique, and people love seeing this huge turtle swim up to them to get patted on the head.

And then there's Marishka. She (and probably all cats, which is why we are all here, I guess ) just has these endearing qualities and traits that make it hard not to love her. She makes ya feel loved when the guy doesn't call later after a fight. She makes ya feel comfortable when watching tv. She makes ya feel like she needs you. This baby cat was all alone in the scary outside world, and she acted like she would never let go when I picked her up the first time. I would put down some wet food, and go to do something else. She would follow, and not eat unless I sat there. So, I did. And as soon as she was done, she would curl in my lap to sleep with a full belly. She wanted to be carried all of the time. I came home to a little cat head through the curtains in the window, watching for me to come inside.

Anyway, you get that I enjoy having her around. She follows me everywhere, and I would feel so guilty if I ever had to leave her in a room or something. But today, for probably one of the first times since having her, she didn't follow me into the room. I walked out, and called, "Rishka? Wanna sit with me?" I walked over, petted her, and walked away. She just layed there, watching me. I starting thinking of ways to get her to want to play with me. I grabbed a can of food, and carried it with me into the other room. She apparently was busy...sleeping.

And it made me sad. My baby is growing up, being comfortable in the house, not needing me to cart her around to everywhere she wants to be. I miss it. I almost cried. Am I losing it? Does it mean I crossed the threashold from "cat owner" to "crazy cat lady"?
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i hear by knight you..Crazy Cat Lady!
just kidding!
dont feel bad at all, everyone notices changes in their pets and most people love their pets!
Heck mikey would rather sleep with dan than by me, I get soooo jealous I even go so far as picking mikey up and putting him by me! Your a good mommy and even though she isnt following you she still loves ya! maybe she was in a lazy mood! or maybe this time she figured she woud let you rest but tomorrow she'll be all over your ass!
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i think the correct answer would be that we are all crazy about our kitties
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
i think the correct answer would be that we are all crazy about our kitties
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YES! another official crazy cat lady! We all love our cats and would go to the ends of the earth for them! Welcome to the ranks!
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