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Update on Reilly....

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I'm sure you all know what's happened with Reilly and she's due soon. Well I reported the incident about the vet to the vet board and finally got a call today.
They informed me that they can not find any licensed vet under that name.. AT ALL! Even the building of his office was rented out under another name.. which was an alias or fake.. The only thing that was found was old vet records that of course, were falsified (sp) Some were in trash bags outside the building, others were burnt..
I am so disappointed
I want SO much for this man to be brought to Justice that I can't stand it anymore....Please send vibes that he NEVER does this again! I am beside myself right now.
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Im outta the loop here but whatever has made you so upset isnt fair.
I hope you feel better soon and your spirt gets lifted somehow, sorry to see you so bummed.
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Not sure either.But, from the sounds of ain't good.
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Reilly was supposedly spayed but is now pregnant!! The vet who did the spay is missing and was obviously never a proper vet. Apparently there's a few pregnant "spayed" cats who saw that vet according to DixieDarlings new vet...

That is truly disgusting that someone could do that... I hope he's caught.
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OMG!!!! I am so sorry.I hope they find him and put his hind end in jail for a very long time.
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I'm soo sorry you couldn't get any justice on this yet. Just remember...criminals will always slip up and show their faces's only a matter of time before that sicko gets cought. I just hope he doesn't do the same thing to anymore animals. How is the beautifull Rilley tonight? When is her due date again?
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Have you tried talking to the cops and animal control that is an obvious case of animal torture.
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I am so sorry! that ticks me off so bad! and I hope he gets put in jail!
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That man sounds (and is) so horrible! He needs to be put in jail!
I'm sorry you and Reilly had to go through this, but I'm sure Reilly will make a great mom.
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Wow, that's amazing. I guess I was sort of hoping he was a vet that had a bad day.

But...if you can generate interest in this, and if you can find the other people who had this done to them, AND if you can ever find him have the makings of a GREAT class action suit! You need to get an investigative journalist in your corner. One of those lean and hungry ones like on TV or in a Grisham novel, LOL!
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What is really amazing is that this man was able to pass himself off as a vet for so long. One would think that he'd do something odd or suspicious that would tip off one of the animal owners who saw him that something was wrong (before it was discovered via pregnant kitties). If he can be found can the vet board prosecute him for impersonating a vet or misrepresentation? I hope he doesn't move to another area or state and set up another illegal vet clinic.

How is Reilly doing? Hugs for her.
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Oh no, thats just awful! You want some kind of justice from this horrible situation.
How the heck anybody could live with this on their conscience is beyond me.
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That's unbelievable! Mind you, you'd hope someone who'd actually was a real vet would'nt be so callous in the first place.
I was really hoping for a better outcome. I hope a newspaper picks up this story and it generates some attention. You never know, someone could recognize him from the story.
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I am so furious on your (and Reilly's) behalf! That is just unbelievable!

If you lived closer to me, I'd write up the story for you, but otherwise, I really hope you can get some public interest in this. I know in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) there are a few public interest journalists who not only do stories on this sort of thing, but go out of their way to assist the people in the stories ("Silverman Helps" springs to mind). There's bound to be something like this in your area. This guy needs to be stopped before he really screws up (not that not spaying a cat isn't bad enough, but if he's performing that kind of surgery illegally, what other awful things is he doing?). Grrr!
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Is this person still in the area???
I can't believe a local newspaper wouldn't want to do an article on this. How long had you been going to him???
That is just terrible.
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I'm so sorry you have to go through this whole ordeal. How incredibly unfair to both you and Reilly. I find it so shocking that a medical "professional" can betray a patient in such a way. Just know that we're all on your side on this (obviously!!), and we'll all be here to support the both of you! I'm confidant Reilly will make an amazing mum!
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DixieDarlin, Have you thought to go to your local news station? We have Fox Undercover here....and they investigate all kinds of things just like that. And then the police can go after them cause it's publicized....unfortunately most cops either don't care, don't think anyones "really" being hurt, or have more important crime to worry about to even think about this case....I'd go to Dateline or your local news....they will find him, follow him, get his face on the tv, and more & more people will come together, then you can really press charges as a group.
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I don't know how in the world I missed this whole situation! I am so sorry for both you and Reilly. How could someone be cruel enough to do that kind of thing to animals? Just out of curiousity, how long had this "vet" been practicing? Its hard to believe that no one else in the office knew what he was doing. Do you think the whole office was in on it?
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Thats crazy!

Sounds like Willie's Vet to me!!! It isn't by any chance the Greenlawn Animal Hospital, is it?!!

I doubt it!!

Good luck Rielly!
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There is far too much injustice in this world, both for those that do such hideous things to animals and sometimes to people too (that's a personal story).

Lord only knows what other things he did to other cats besides lying about the spay jobs....I mean you don't know, you just don't know.

And that is the worst thing in the world.

I'm sorry Dixie that this happened to you and Reilly. *Shakes Head* Absolutely deplorable.
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Thanks Everyone!
I have contacted news channels and newspapers with no response. I am hoping that someone will get back to me soon. If not, I am going to BOMBARD them with emails, faxs and phone calls about it.

Reilly is doing good.. getting HUGE and cranky
She is almost impossible to touch.. she is due just about anyday now is what the vet told me Wed. I am not sure where she will have them. She doesn't really have any hidey-holes she likes to sleep in. I have kept a close eye on her and she hasn't given me any clues I do think she will be a good momma though... she's been caught cleaning Tiger a few times and she's never done it up til now
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I have to admit I can't wait for the cute kitten pics!
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