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My grandkittens.... 12 weeks old!

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This is Tobie. We are most likely keeping him. He's not really that fat, he is just very fluffy!

Who can resist a kitten yawn?? And look at that saliva hanging off the fangs...

The four kittens that are left. It would have been a great pic, except Tobie was giving me a funny look.

Another kitten yawn!!

A kitten pile... one of my favorite things on this earth!

Sneakers is giving her son a smack-down... it's weaning time, and she means it!!

A kitten and a camera cord... need I say more?

My mom is on oxygen 24/7, and that is her tubing... the kittens LOVE to chase it when she decides to venture out of her bedroom! (Never mind the messy floor.... our vacuum broke!!)

Angora (the light one) went to her new home on Monday, and the other one is still with us.
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OMG how adorable are they !!! How quick 12 weeks have gone by. They all look healthy happy and loved !!!
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OMG They are beautiful!!!!!!!!
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They really are just too cute! Tobie is just beyond adorable.
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Oh my gosh TOBY !!!! I'll trade you a Vacuum I have 3 maybe 4 take your pick Toby looks like a maine coon, it's so funny how they all look so different, wow there Darling ...Just PM me about that VACUUM I'll pay shipping and handeling, Ahhh So cute
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I just love the one with them messing on the oxygen tube, if you posted it sideways it would look like a washing line with kitties put out to dry

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They are just to cute for words!! I love them all!!
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omg those are some of the cutest kittens i've ever seen!
thanks for sharing
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OMG they are too cute and getting soooooooooooooo big! it has been forever since I have been here!
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Oh my goodness look at those cherubs!! That kitty pile is just too sweet for words
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They are all adorable.
I love kitty piles too.
You Mother must love her sweet Great-Grandkittens.
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My mother adores them... she has a little life back in her now that she has kittens to play with.

We found homes for the grey ticked tabby and the other beige ticked tabby... (She named them Tux and Harley) they are going to my mother in law. She has a very unpredictable dog, so we'll see how it goes... I'm sending lots of suggested "house rules" with them when they leave this weekend.

We decided to keep Sophia (grey tabby) and Tobie (longhaired beige ticked tabby). Tobie has quite the boistorous personality, and Sophia is just a shy little loving girl that patiently observes everyone else.

Angora and the other one (we called her boots) got renamed Lacy and Lucy, and they went together to a family friend and are settling in nicely.

What an adventure this has been! I loved every minute of it. I used to feel guilty for being somewhat forced to bring kittens into this world given the overpopulation problems, but I don't regret anything. How can I? Look at them!

None of the people that are taking the kittens would have gone to a shelter anyway... they took one from me because of how unique-looking they are and because they knew I raised them well.
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oh my god that is too cute!
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