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Muffy the Conehead - Pics

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Here are a couple of cute pictures of Muffy with her cone on. She got spayed last week and started ripping out her stitches as soon as I got her home. So back to the vet she went to get a cone. Doesn't she look cute!

Her spay went very well - she has a fabulous (read, expensive) vet, and she was well taken care of. The neatest thing so far is that she's gotten VERY affectionate since her spay. I don't know if this is due to the spay or the cone, but I love it. She's usually very standoffish; she'd never sit in your lap and always ducked away when you tried to pet her. Now though she's always jumping in my lap when I sit on the couch. Maybe she just wants her ears rubbed since she can't scratch them. I'm hoping she'll be a nicer cat now.

Anyway, here she is!
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one more...
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Poor baby! She doesn't look very happy with her new fashion statement. Maybe if you told her that queens used to wear things like that she wouldn't mind so much.
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cute pics!!! I hope her newfound affectionate nature will hold....

good to see you Dawn!
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She looks just thrilled, doesn't she!! I am glad her spaying went well!
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Awww bless.... poor little girl!!! Maybe some extra tuna is in order.... Glad her op went so well though, and that its had some extra benefits!! I'm sure she's really a snuggle butt at heart, but just didn't have a good excuse before .....
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OMG, she looks so cute, yet so sad. Suki has some teeth out last year and the vet told me to put a cone on her, but she couldn't eat, walk or even play. I took it off her and slept downstairs with her for a week just to make sure she didn't scratch her face. I didn't get any sleep for that whole time, but it was so worth it

I love my kitteh (sorry that's how I spell words ending in 'y', some how it's kinda cute)
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This is DEFINITELY a candidate for the caption competitions!!
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Stick a bulb in her ear and she'd make a great lamp-shade :tounge2:
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