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My kitty cat has been having seizures

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For the last couple of years my 10 year old cat cheetah has been having seizures. Today she was having a very bad seizure so i took her to the animal hospital (where they ripped me off) I didn't have $500 for her to see the vet but she did see a technitian who said that her heart rate and temperature was normal. When i took her home she started convulsing violently and when she did finally stopped she lied on the floor and hasn't moved since. I am very concerned about her right now because she has been lying in the same spot for over an hour and she just won't move. I tried to give her some of her favorite treats (temptations) and she won't eat them which is very unusual because she comes running everytime you shake the bag. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do for her right now??
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She really needs to see a veterinarian. At least pay for the physical exam and let the vet offer you your options from there. Most likely they would recommend bloodwork (which may be ~ $100). There are quite a few different problems/diseases that could cause the neurological symptoms (seizures), but they are definitely not normal and the root of the problem needs to be figured out.

I know this doesn't help much, but there is really nothing that we can recommend without knowing what is causing the seizures.

It would be best to get her into an Emergency Center, however, that is going to cost more than a day practice, either way, she needs to be seen by a vet. There is no way that an exam would cost $500, it should cost less or around $50.00.
Good luck.
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If her symptoms are as severe as you describe, she needs to get to the Emergency Vet right now!
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Well they told me that i would have to give them a deposit of $500 for her to stay overnight in the hospital and the only way that my cat would see a vet is if she stayed overnight. What i'm going to do is take her to a vet tomorrow because obviously the animal hospitals are way too expensive.
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I don't think you can wait that long. Her life may depend on it. She needs to go now! She had a seizure and hasn't moved in an hour! That is a very serious thing! You cannot wait until morning.
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Oh wow I don't think I would wait, not if she isn't responding at all, that cannot be anything small, you should try and find a vet that will see her.
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Well thank you for all of your concerns.
But she is doing a lot better now shes up and walking around she ate her treats and she seems to be doing a lot better. I'm going to keep a close eye on her and if she has another seizure then i will try to find a 24 hour vet and if not then i will wait until tomorrow.
thanks again for your help
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A common symptom of brain tumors are seizures, has your cat had a neurological workup lately?
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Does it happen often or is it happening more and more frequent? If the attacks gets more and more frequent this might be a sign of a brain tumor as Hizzy said. If it is not then is it a great chance she has developed epilepsy which is quite common among cats. This can be treated and since she is ten years old she has to be treated. These attacks are heavy on her heart and she can really hurt her self. It is normal that they are exhousted after an attack but it is not normal that they are so exhousted that they don't search for a safe dark place to rest.
I had to euthanize a cat a few years ago because of a brain tumor that gave these symptoms but depending on where the tumor is sited it can give very different symptoms. She defenitly need a check up.
I also have (or had) a cat with epilepsy who became completely healed (knock on wood) after I stopped giving her any wet cat-food and only a vet-diet dry food. This is a young cat though with an extraordinary health for the rest so don't take any chanses with your oldie.
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as an epileptic, i can tell you your kitty felt HORRIBLE after the seizure (no matter what the cause). she was still disoriented the whole time she laid there and most likely didnt even recognize you.
either way, get her to the vet
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If she has been having seizures for a couple of years did they give you a diagnosis when it first started? Is she currently being medicated? If so maybe she just needs a dosage adjustment. The period after a seizure is called post-ictal, during this time the affected individual (human or animal) is physically drained and mentally confused. It is best to provide them with a quiet place to recover where they can't further injure themselves. It does sound like a vet visit is in order. Hope kitty feels better soon.
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I haven't ever had a cat who had seizures, but my 14 year old pug has them occassionally. The vet did urine and bloodwork, told me that basically my puggie is an old man and his kidneys are shutting down. He then recommended a special food (prescription only, about the price of a quality dogfood) to help him digest food and make it easier for his kidneys to work as long as possible. I've sat and held my pug while he had the seizures and afterwards--it took 3 hours for the last one to occur, from beginning to end. By all means take your baby to the vet if you haven't already and be sure to tell the vet everything you noticed about the event (I noticed that our pug peed just a tiny bit before it happened, and that seemed very relevant to the vet).
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I think my cat had a small seizure today... she's a 6 year-old dsh and she was sitting in the window sill when I looked over at her she had her left paw raised up by her ear and looked like she was about to attack a bug or something so my fiance took a look and saw no bug and when he looked at her face her pupils were huge and she was stiff so he picked her up. he was holding her and I was petting her and the whole time she felt kind of stiff and her paws kept tensing up... he put her back down and she seemed fine after that. The whole incident only lasted a minute and she's been really sleepy but otherwise normal since. It was wierd though, so I'll call the vet tomorrow...
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