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Pranks we played...

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Suzie's thread had me looking back fondly on some of my high school pranks that I played on people. So I thought that I'd share some with you, and perhaps some would share theirs as well. First, I never did anything destructive, so all the pranks I played were good clean fun. The gang of friends that I had believed that if we shared mischief, we should also aid in either the clean up, or the laugher the next day.

My all time greatest prank was going to Sam's Club and buying a huge box of instant mash potatoes. We had to wait for a spring night where we knew it was going to dew the next morning. We sprinkled the mashed potatoes in the front yard of my English teacher. The next morning she had a yard full of instant mash potatoes! The best part about it was she had 8 cats ( a woman after my own heart), and a huge flock of crows decided to aid in the clean up. I'm sure her cats enjoyed the sight more than she did.

Second, we bought a huge pack of the most unattractive underwear we could find, and decided to cut the sides and staple them to all the statues in town. There is nothing like stapling an ugly pair of pink undies to the statue of a football player!
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The undies thing is priceless!
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That's classic!

We had this really foul smelling teacher who would always wear the same shirt to school everyday. He would put his arms up to write on the chalkboard and have HUGE pitstains that would make you gag
At the end of the semester a couple of other kids and I (including my friend I posted about earlier) got together and bought a bunch of deodorant, cologne and new shirts and put them on his desk before he came into class... Mean, I know but hilarious!

Then the next year I had a teacher who's breath was horrid so I bought him a bag of jolly ranchers and left them on his desk with a note saying "we would ALL appreciate if you took advantage of these" He always had decent breath after that!
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My favorite phone prank when I was a kid, it took 4 callers (spaced about 10-15 minutes apart) and one unlucky person:

Caller one: Hi, this is Nick, is Joey home? Answer: sorry, you have the wrong number..........click

Caller two: Hi, this is Sarah, is Joey there? Answer: you have the wrong number............click...

Caller three: Hi, this is Mark, is Joey there? Answer: what? No, you have the wrong number!!!!......click

Caller 4..(me): Hi, this is Joey. Did I get any messages? Answer: &&!##%@!!

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there is to many to list......... but ok

the one i liked the best i think was. back in my college days i work as a stage manager for live shows. well we had just got done taking down a road show. so we had this new boss we all hated. We went over to the medical area and hmm how to say , we took out on loan a human skeleton( i dont know if it was real or a model but they had it locked up) we took it back to the stage. dressed it up in long coat , hat , sunglasses. shoes etc,. then using the pipes over the stage and wire we hung it up so it looked like it was standing, put the ghost light( just a low light that is left in the middle ofthe stage so you dont fall off) and wanted

once we saw her coming , i we light up a smoke stuck it the skeleton mouth and we went into the back of the stage, to hide,

she opened the door, yelled who are you, why are you on the stage,, and started to walk to the hanging skeleton, she got about half way, stopped, dropped everything she was carrying, to scremed like something from a movie , and she ran out,
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I've always been an excellent mimic: I can copy any accent I hear. Anyway, in Grade Nine my best friend was in a different English class than me, but I would always hang out with her in her classroom because her class was during my lunch break. Her English teacher was actually only a substitute teacher, and a very young and inexperienced one at that. He knew I wasn't in his class because I wasn't on the roster, but we had him convinced that I was in fact an exchange student from France who was staying with my best friend's family -- I spoke with a strong French accent and, fortunately, spoke enough French convincingly enough that he couldn't tell that I was faking it. (I don't think he spoke a word of French.) I think it took several months before he figured out that I was a fraud.
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