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Poor Eowyn!

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Our oldest cat, Frodo, escaped last week and when he came home, he borught some tiny unwelcome guests, namely fleas.

Now all twelve of the cats in the house have fleas! Even our seven-week old kittens! Luckily, Marigold and her babies are sequestered away from the others and I have only found two fleas on them (which have been disposed of). Since they aren't twelve weeks old yet, most flea stuff I can get isn't safe for them.

Anyone know how to treat fleas on kittens UNDER 12 weeks old?

My main concenr is poor Eowyn. She is covered in scabs and bald patches now! Her fur, normally long and thick and lovely, is coming out in clumps. She's been hiding and doesn't want to come out. She's been eating and drinking so far as I can tell, but she's just miserable from the fleas. None of the other cats are reacting this badly to the fleas. Could she just be particularly sensitive to them? Or might it be something else not related to the fleas. Most alarming of all, she seems to have developed a pea-sized lump under her skin just under her jaw on her right side. Movable, hard, doesn't seem to pain her. A friend suggested it might be part of her extreme skin reaction. My fear is that it's cancer or something like that, even though she's just barely two years old and has been very healthy up until now.

I put some OTC flea medication on her (liquid drops on the neck kind). Since I could only afford one dose of it, I used regular ol' flea powder on everyone else (except Marigold and the babies).

Poor Eowyn is just so miserable and sad. She's been displaced from her normal "place" because of marigold and the kittens. She's been hiding in the furnished basement since she's the only cat limber enough to get past the gate leading down to it. I rarely go down there, so she never sees me. And now even whenI do see her, I'm afraid to pet her for fear of making her even more itchy or causing her pain.

Here's some pics of her skin.... the first is of the back of her neck... the second is the base of her tail... the third is between her chin and chest.

The soonest I can get her to the vet is the end of the month since I've been unemployed for the past six months and I have no money to pay a vet at present. (Normally this is not the case.)

Does anyone have any advice on how to make her more comfortable or something more that I can do to help her recover?


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You could bathe Eowyn in some Dawn Dish Soap and then comb with a flea comb to get the fleas off her initially. Also pick up some Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) and you can use that on all the cats and kittens. It will not hurt them to ingest it. It can only be beneficial as it carries trace minerals and also if nyou can give each cat/kitten 1/4 tsp. a day for 3 weeks in their food, that will rid them of any worms.

DE is not expensive and is a good thing to have on hand. It can be brushed into your carpet to kill fleas and later vacuumed. Good Luck with getting those pesky things out of there. I just had a brief bout with some a couple weeks ago and DE'd my two little kittens and a few of the bigger ones.
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