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Nutro wet vs dry

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Well I'm switching Maui over to the Nutro Natural Choice kitten food and he'll be staying on the Authority dry food...

My question: is the wet not as good as the dry?

In all the reading I've done, everyone talks about the Nutro dry and how it's good but not much is mentioned on their canned foods. Would you consider their dry food to be of a better quality/ingredients than their wet?

I'm going from Wellness to Nutro mainly because the Nutro is easier for me to get my hands on... His coat is awesome right now- I can't believe how soft he is but he had stinky breath with the Wellness, and he poops a ton! Since I've given him Nutro his breath has gotten way better and I haven't noticed much of a change on anything else so far...
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I'd say their wet is better than their dry. Actually, that saying goes for all foods, as far as I'm concerned. Most wet foods contain more meat and protein, less fillers than the dry, regardless of the brand.
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I have to agree!
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The wets of Nutro all have a bit of grain and many other brands are grain free...
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As far as kitten wet food goes, I've had trouble finding much better than Nutro other than Chicken Soup. There's a lot of good brands that have "all life stages" food but I don't feel comfortable feeding them something that says just to feed kittens more per pound of body weight, especially with mine fighting off URIs.

I haven't fed Nutro dry, but looking at the ingredient list their wet food looks much better to me, and not just because it's wet.
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