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I have a 4 year old female cat. She has large welt like circular spots on her belly and down one leg. I have taken her to the vet and tried antibiotics, as well as steroids and a cone. She grooms excessively and always has. She will lick and suck on these spots and they ooze. The vet's next course of action is a biopsy for which I cannot afford. And then she tells me they would still tell her to clear up the infection first. When she weras the cone, she will not move, won't eat, won't use the litterbox. I am at a loss. I have searched the internet in hopes of an answer or suggestion. The only thing I can say that may have been a factor is that she (liked) to lay on the pile of dirty bath towels. Does anyone have any idea what this may be or any suggestions on what to do next? it is not ringworm or allergies, both have been ruled out. No mites or fleas either. Help. I love her and don't know where to go next.
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Change the cat's diet immediately. This could be a food allergy.

My cat went through an elimination diet: I first removed wheat, then corn, then had to get her off chicken since she turned out to be allergic to that. She is now healthy, bright-eyed, and her skin and breathing problems have cleared up.

I recommend California Natural Chicken and rice dry. They also make wet food that (if your cat will eat it) might be preferable. But get her off whatever you are feeding her and try a new food.

You could also get Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner. It's availalble at petfooddirect and it is a bit pricy, but cheaper than a vet.

Ask your vet if there is a topical cream that you can put on the cat's injuries, or if a bandage would be useful to prevent infection.

Good luck.
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