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Big moment!

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Tryon is playing! Holy cow!

In the year that I've had her, all she ever did was hide or slink from one room to the next (unless the dogs were locked up.. she was a little braver then). But ever since I got Peewee, she's really come out of her shell... and as I sit here typing this, she is currently shredding my sketch pad (I'd be mad if I wasn't so happy that she's playing ) and wrestling with Peewee! Oh I'm so happy I could cry. What a breakthrough!
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That's great! She has obviously found a friend in Peewee. I hope it continues. Does she play with the other cats at all? Maybe this will encourage her to do so if she doesn't already.
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Well the other cats are still being catsat in NY right now, so we only have Tryon, Peewee and my two dogs Karma and Buddha in the house right now. I'm hoping when they get down here Johnny and Jack will help her be more social.

Azrael is afraid of his own shadow, so I don't put too much stock in him making anyone feel comfortable. He'd be too busy hiding under the couch

I'm so proud of Tryon. She's come a long way since being a scared emaciated stray in Fort Tryon Park.
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i'm soo glad to hear about Tyron!!!!!
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