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Do your cats let you mess their fur up?

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As a kid I was always told you don't mess up a cats fur like you can with a dog because they don't like it.
Nismo has been sat beside me for a while now and I have messed her fur up so bad she looks like I just found her on the street
Sleeves lets us do this to him too, we brush their fur backwards all the time and then smooth it down and they pur like crazy.
Where did this information come from do you think? It implies that cats are generally tempramental by nature, when they are really not.
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If i mess mine up in the tinest way and they walk away with it all ruffled up, they twitch all over until they stop and groom it back down
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My crew will tolerate it up to a point after that they prefer to be brush like normal.

Well with the exception of Simon who hates to be brushed at all. He's weird anyway!
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Diesel loves to be ruffled! In fact the harder you do it the better!

Portia hates it though!
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Hobbs is a DSH, hard to ruffle his fur, just falls back into place . On the other hand Blueberry has plenty of fur to ruffle, but just try it, she'll meow in a scolding way, and take off like a bat out of hell!
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If i sooo much as touch Abilene's prescious fur- my hand is instantly Then she will proceed to clean off those "yucky" human germs off of her clean fur

Isabella loves to be brushed! But if you mess her fur up the wrong way- she will give you this disapproving look like the princess she is and immedately start grooming herself.

Jasmine doesn't care what you do to her- lol, she's like a little lap dog trapped in a kitty's body

Velvet will let you mess up her fur if you brush it out afterwards and give her lots of attention. ...She's soo sweet!
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Mikey and i play Salon De Meow! Its where mommy takes the brush and gives mikey new fur styles to wear out to the clubs and to the hottest LA parties (we live in milwaukee lol)! Once i get my pictures uploaded I will show you guys some of the styles we do,its hilarious!

Mike likes it, he will attack the bursh every now and then but asks for more a second later.
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Mosi loves it - it's attention after all! He loves being touched and cuddled in just about any way. Jaffa doesnt really have the sort of fur you can mess up, it being short and close lying.
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I just did it with Twig and Rocket and they didn't seem to mind. Although there was food right next to them on the computer desk while I was doing it so I think they were preoccupied with that more then with what I was doing! I'll have to try again later!
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I like to ruffle up my cats the wrong way. They do get miffed, but in a nonchalant way.
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Mine get their fur messy whether they like it or not

Magnum will allow it for a bit and sulk away to clean up, the others just sit there and wait for you to brush it back the way its supposed to be with a bored look on their faces
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Zakk doesn't like that and will let you know.. Although Rocky is short hair you can tell when it is ruffled.. Hubby used to do it to him once in awhile and say.. Rocky I'm gonna rough you up.. He wouldn't seem to notice but eventually he would fix it.. Rocky isn't normal anyway.. He likes to be lintrolled.. Purrs like crazy!! Suzie doesn't like to be touched, and Cookie is so fluffy you can't really tell.
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I was always told that as a kid, too.

I think really what it's about is that, at least for some cats, it's a perfectly pleasurable thing -- BUT, it's an intimacy. So, it's OK for their special human to do it, but not just anyone -- not somebody they don't know. Sort of like when you meet a new human, you wouldn't think of ruffling their hair, though if you got real friendly with the guy, after a while you might very well do that.

And that's why we were taught as kids not to brush a kitty's fur the wrong way -- it was too forward for a person we didn't know well.
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I could with our 1st cat Ashley ... as a teen I would 'rumple' her fur and say 'Your fur is all rumpled Rumpelsteltskin!' ... but now with Penny & Daisy i like to smoothout their fur instead of rumpling
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Both Duke and Sibohan will let me mess their fur up, they are laid back kitties. Sibohan will even let me tickle her belly. The only thing she hates is when I get the sleep out of the corner of her eyes. Once I get it out she runs away.
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Jack loves being petted the 'wrong' direction. Especially his belly. He's a DSH, but believe me, it gets messed up. i do smooth it back down though... if he lets me.

JoJo, depends on if she's already purring... I do rub back and forth though, even on her.. sometimes she likes it...
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I love to mess up the kitties fur. Some like it and don't mind at all, others are quite grumpy about it.

My BF loves to hold the ends of their tails and rub his fingers down the tail making the tail all scruffed up. They look like rough alley cats
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