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Sex And the City

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who caught this last night!!?!?!?

I laughed sooooooooooo hard. It's so great that after 5 seasons this show is still fresh and funny. I'm so bummed there is only 7 episodes left!
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I am a big fan of the show, However I was expecting it to be funnier. I'm looking forward to next week's show.
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WHAT!? there was a new one last night?!! SHOOT! I missed it!!!!!!
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I missed it too. I will try to catch it sometime this week when they rerun it! I love this show!
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Debby, it's on tonight at 10:00. I looked it up. It is also on tomorrow at 9:00 I think. I am setting up a tape for it tonight.
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I just read this, and it is 10:30 now. I will check at 9 pm tomorrow, then..that would be perfect....right after BB3.
Thanks for letting me know!
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debby, did you catch it!? It was great! But Samantha in a real relationship??? I don't know about that. She is my fav character! so opened and speaks her mind no matter where she is or who she is with. To me that is great!
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I finally got to see it tonight!!! It was great!!! I can't believe Miranda just whipped them out and started feeding her son right in front of Carrie! Not that there is anything in the world wrong with that, but I just would be way to embarassed to do that in front of one of my close friends.
I don't know why Samantha is even considering taking that guy back...after she caught him doing what he did with another woman's "sushi" as they put it.
I would say, Hit the road..how could she trust him again?
I got a kick out of carrie talking to that guy in the rain!! :laughing:
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Well, thanks to AP and her constant threads, I am finally getting hooked on this show. Did anybody see the new episode tonight? Personally, my favorite character is Miranda. I just like her sarcastic spin on things. To me, she seems the most real character.
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Deb, I really like Miranda, too!! She tells it like it is...but she still has a heart (unlike Samantha...well, I guess she has one too, but it is buried deep)

I didn't get to see last night's episode, but will catch it later this week....hey Barb, do you know what night it is on? Thanks to you I got to watch it last week.
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I did see last nights episode! I about fell off the bed when they were sitting in the coffee shop and Charlotte made that 'gesture'. I love this show!

Glad you're hooked Jonesy, when you didn't get into it before I was afraid there was something wrong with you :laughing: I didn't used to be hooked on the sopranos but now I am, not to mention six feet under! I can't live without my HBO!
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OZ is another good one on HBO.
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Since I don't have HBO, I can't watch the new episodes. I borrowed the first season DVDs from a friend of mine, and they are hilarious. I also saw some of another season when Carrie is involved with the guy who used to be on Northern Exposure, I don't remember his character's name. Love him!

I think the show is very funny, but none of my single friends seem to have so many men in their lives.
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One reason it took me awhile to get into the show was that it certainly doesn't mirror any life that I'm living!


The new episode repeats tonight at 10, and Saturday at midnight that I know of.
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I saw part of last nights episode, but thankfully have it on tape so i can watch it tonight after work.
Debby, It is on Sunday nights. I think it is on at 10 everytime but don't quote me. it is also on Monday nights for those of us who can't watch it on Sundays very often due to work but I am not sure waht time that one is. according to digital cable thingy, it is on at 9 tonight but I doubt it is on that time everytime..
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The show was so funny last night. I too can't live without HBO. I look forward to all the Sunday night shows.
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I can't watch it on Sunday nights because that is hubbies night for TV. We have to divide up nights, or else we fight over what we are going to watch...he hates all reality shows, sitcoms, etc...so we finally came to this agreement, and it works pretty well, since there isn't anything on his nights i care about anyway...(except Sex & the City) We each get three nights, then we share Saturdays. Sounds dumb, I know...but it cuts out alot of arguing!!

I missed it tonight, didn't realize it was on until I came here, and then it was too late. I will try to catch it sometime later this week.
Last week I think it was on at 9 central on Wednesday night, right after BB3.
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According to the HBO web site, it's on HBO East (whichever HBO that is) at 10 pm on Wednesday.
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Thanks Deb! That would be 9 pm here, just like last week, so I will plan on tuning in right after BB3.
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