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Feeling disenfranchised :(

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I just feel so yucky today.

Not only has my applied professor decided to lighten her load (leaving me with a much younger and less experienced teacher), not only did I get "randomly" stuck in what appears on paper to be a less prestigious studio class group, but now, I'm no longer in the top ensemble. Not because I didn't audition into the top 6 (I did), but because they decided to only take 4 people. Now, I'm back in the group with the other undergrads, including freshmen and non-majors.

I just feel like my school is flipping me the bird. I've gotten vibes recently that the two people in charge of these decisions don't like me that much...or at least not AS much as they like some of their favorites (favoritism is a rampant by-product of being in any kind of a conservatory)...I dont know. I just feel like I'm being ignored and that I'll never get the contacts I need to make a career out of this. I'm very sad.

And I can't even get Raphael hugs since he's in for a dental today, which just adds to my stress and worry
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I feel your pain... Really, I do. I'm in my forth year (of six) pharmacy school, and while it's very different, the politics in any academic university-type setting is discouraging... especially if you aren't good at playing the right cards, like me. My university gave me the bird a few times about certain things I won't get into, but yeah... I'm not a favorite of some of my professors either... so much so that I got kicked out for a year, but don't worry, I'm back in now. I was so convinced they were kicking me out for good that I even applied and got accepted into an accelerated nursing program, but it worked out eventually for me.

It would be easier to deal with if it weren't my (your) future that is being affected by it... my issues got so bad I went to the university's provost about it, and he straightened some things out for me. You might want to go talk to the department chair and tell him/her you are concerned about your future career prospects because of how it worked out, ask to see if there's anything you can do to get into a better class, whatever... a little humility goes a long way, and I learned that the hard way.
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I am sending you a great big hug and hope that things get better... Politics should not be a part of higher education unless that is your major...
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Sorry to hear things are not going well, Allie, I know exactly how it is not to be one of the favorites, I am on the bad list here at work but others get away with a whole heck of a lot more than me. There is a light at the end of the tunnell, just keep truckin'
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Ugg... I'm sorry. Departmental politics, Music politics... sheesh, I've been there... are rough.

to you. I hope things work out better. I like the idea of going and talking to the department head or student's dean. (At my school you didn't want to talk to the provost... she was mean )

Why does it seem the good people always get trouble for no good reason?
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Sweetie i'm soo sorry you're having a rough day! Lots of vibes comming your way!!!! (((((((vibes!!!!))))))
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I'm so sorry it didn't go well for you. Pepper says she would give you hugs if you were here. (She gives GREAT hugs.)
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Gawddd, I HATE politics ..office, academic or otherwise. When I was on the wrong side of office politics early in my career (the senior partner hated me, and I hated him, guess who won?) I said "**** this", and just started my own business in that field. Office politics....goodbye!

Hang in there!!!!!! Me and my kitties send big sympathy hugs
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Well, at least Raphael is back. Porr guy got most of his remaining teeth taken out But he's hopped up on Fentanyl and purrrrrrring away right now. He was such a good boy during surgery!

My "former" applied teacher told me how well I'm playing and that I'll be "very very successful". Well, too little, too late, lady! You already made me feel like total #$%^&!!
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Allie that really sucks. Hopefully real talent shows through and they can see through the favoritism and see what you are really worth! Favoritism and office/academic/etc. polics just plain suck no matter what side of it you're on. And I've been on both sides...
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