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Skin problem

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For a couple weeks it seemed as though my cat has had a cold. She would sneeze alot and you could tell her nose was stuffy. I don't know why, but my parents never really paid to much attention to it. After awhile, we noticed she was losing hair around her eyes and ears. We didn't worry about this either, because she had lost hair before because of stress, or so we were told. Well, in the hairless parts around her eyes and ears her skin got really dry and flaky. It looks like her skin is whithering. This appears to be the only place she's having the skin problems, but you can feel that her skin on her stomach is affected also, though there is no hair loss. Do you know what could be the cause of this?
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It could be so many things, but it sounds like it could be an allergy. If you are feeding her out of plastic, take the bowls away and start feeding her out of stainless steel or glass containers. If you are switching foods on her, this could also be a cause. Or, if you are feeding her the cheapest dry cat food, that can also cause this. Some of the less-expensive foods are heavily dyed and cats can get reactions to the dyes that are used.

You should give your vet a call if this problem persists. Good luck!
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I too have a kitty that my vet has told me has allergies. Although she has different symptoms then this kitty, the response has me concerned about two things.

Im confused as to why you should not feed your cat from a plastic bowl? My cat's bowls are plastic.

My cat will not eat anything other then Meow Mix, I have tried different brands and she will refuse to eat for days. Is there someplace I can look up if this is a good food or not? I know many folks would prefer Iams or Science Diet...I just can not afford these brands.
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Plastic is notorious for collecting bacteria even if you are diligent and clean them every day. A better bet is to 86 the plastic bowls all together and go with ceramic or stainless steel or glass.

If you have a Costco near you and are a member. Kirkland makes an excellent dry cat food. It is relatively inexpensive and all my cats even the most finicky will eat it. You might want to check it out if you can.
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Eeeek!!!! I did not know that! Ok they are in the trash first thing in the morning. Thanks so much. I dont think we have those stores around here, will do some searching on the web, see if they can tell me where the nearest one is.

Thank you.
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If anyone is interested, Costco's webpage has a link at the top where you can check out the nearest warehouse is to you. Unfortunetly all are 3 hours from me

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