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I am so sorry for your loss. I opened TCS as soon as I got to work today because I cared so much about your little Keiko. You cared so very much that you helped him cross over to the Rainbow Bridge although you knew how much you would miss him. You tried so hard to make him have a good life here, but it was out of your hands. I'm so glad you stayed with him.

And now Keiko is in God's hands. He is healthy and out of pain. You helped him so much. Run and jump and play little Keiko. We all love you.
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First Lex and now Keiko. You have my deepest sympathy.
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Nikki, I'm so sorry about Keiko's passing. There's nothing I can say here that hasn't been said already, but I wanted to post to give you one of these
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I have tears in my eyes, reading your post about how he went to sleep forever in your loving arms. Thank you for being such a good foster mommy to him in his short life - I just KNOW that he loves you and appreciates you for it. Bless you for everything you did for him and his littermates!!!
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Nikki,, you really are a wonderful person!! Poor Keiko.. It's been such a rough few weeks for you and those babies!!

With all my heart and love,, tons of blessings to Keiko...

I'm just sitting here with tears in my eyes, but knowing that the last thing he saw was you, and how much love you gave to his little body and soul!!!

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The sweet little angel is in heaven now playing with other sweet kitties. He feels no more pain and frustration. Nikki, you did everything possible to try to save him. In the end you had the courage to make the right decision. Bless you for getting involved in cat rescue work. Thanks to you Keiko was able to experience some amount of happiness and know he was loved. Keep up the good work!
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I just wanted to take a minute and personally thank everyone! I would not have been able to make such a hard, yet right decision without the love and support of everyone on TCS. For that I am truely greatful. I am soo greatfull that I wound up holding him through everything yesterday- origionally I wasn't going to because I thought it would just be too hard....but I changed my mind in a split second- and it was the right decision for me. It allowed me to hold him and let him know he was loved and it also put my mind at ease a bit before the procedure was done- we had him on several surfaces....just seeing one last time if he might try to walk or if there was anything else we could do- at one point, he just flopped over on his back and screamed out in pain- it was soo horrible to watch him suffer like that. It was at that point that I was at peace with the decision because I knew how much pain he was in and that his quality of life was not what it should have been. Seeing that before the procedure was preformed helped me cope with everything because I knew that he was in pain and it was not right for me to keep him alive and suffering because I didn't want to let him go. I knew at that point that he deserved a much better life playing over the rainbow bridge...and that was when we all made the final decision- it was soo sweet and peacful. Several of the shelter staff were present during the entire time and were soo supportive. It is soo touching how much they really care for every volunteer and every animal that comes through their doors- I couldn't have been blessed to volunteer at a more wonderful shelter, and little Keiko could not have possibly known more love than the love we all felt for him. I am a little teary -eyed today after reading all of the supportive messages and kind words that everyone has left me. Every one of you has touched my heart in the most special way. I couldn't ask for a better blessing than having the support and love of everyone here on this wonderful TCS family! I just wanted to add- that I will continue fostering and continue volunteering- because I feel that God has graciously given me a gift and ability for those things and that is what I should be doing. I am very happy to say that today at the Bartlett Animal Shelter- the remainder of all the animals were spayed/neutered if they were healthy and at an appropriate age. Many of them went to new forever homes today! What a wonderful thing! Sometimes we are not able to save them all, but when we try, we know we make a positive difference in the lives of those animals. Tonight I am at Colin's house with Fosters (our new dog from the Bartlett Animal Shelter we adopted in may) and little Kenzie. I had several tests done at my doctors office today so I am just spending time with my animals recovering. My mom has graciously offered to watch my other furbabies tonight while I recover (I'm only a minute away from the hospital at Colin's house...and he is a cop- so if i need to, I can call him). Thankyou once again for your love and encouragement everyone! I am truly blessed to have such kind and considerate friends. I am happy knowing that Keiko is now happy and painfree. My heart is at peace with his passing now
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Nikki - hugs - you probably already know this, but you will have up and down days for a while - probably a couple months. Please keep in your heart the peace you felt with his passing. And remember all you can that is good.

Hope your health is ok too.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Keiko, play in perfect health at the bridge.
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*hugs* I'm so sorry for your loss, Nikki. Keiko is in a better place now and is running and playing pain free with all of the other furbabies at the Rainbow Bridge.

My vet came to the house when I had to put Midnight to sleep and I held her in my arms the entire time while the procedure was done. I felt that I had to and that I owed it to Midnight for all of the years of love, affection and companionship that she had given to me.

Rest In Peace little one.

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Nikki, I'm so sorry about Keiko. You took such good care of him and tried everything to save him. At least for the short time he was here he had you to love him. RIP Little Keiko.
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Thankyou soo much everyone for your kind words and for sharing your stories. I sincerly appreciate that!
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RIP Sweet Keiko. Play happily at the Bridge.

He is free from pain and suffering and you have both found peace knowing that releasing him in that way was the right thing to do. He broke free from this world surrounded by your love.
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RIP darling Keiko...
You will be missed sweet angel.
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I am sorry that you lost the two poor babies but you did the right thing for Keiko.

I hope that they catch those wretched boys and I hope that they serve jail time.
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Thankyou very much everyone for keeping up with this thread and for your kind words. I am at peace knowing little Keiko is at peace
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