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Question about neutering...

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We are about to neuter our male cat and I was wondering...
When you neuter a male cat, do they stop spraying??? If so, how soon after the surgery do they stop? If not, is there any way to stop him from spraying?
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Neutering won't stop spraying. Your cat might becpome heftier than now..
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do you know what I can do to get him to stop spraying? I'm afraid that we may have to get rid of him if we can't stop it because we moved to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment and we can't I don't want him spraying it and making it smell.
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It's possible, but not definite. My Little Bit was a sprayer and I had to keep him caged till he got fixed. He has not sprayed since his neuter. Little Bit was a feral that had no access to the house to spray all over prior to his surgery though.

If he has sprayed where you live, you need to clean where he sprayed with an enzyme cleaner to get rid of the scent so he won't want to return to those spots to remark them. That shou8ld up your chances of remaining spray free.

I think it takes about a month for all the hormones to leave the cats system after their neuter.
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I have two neutered male cats. Neither of them spray. Oz was sexually mature (and spraying) when we adopted him; the Humane Society had him neutered before we took him home, and he hasn't sprayed since.

Neutering is not the only factor in feline weight gain. Too much food and not enough exercise also factor into it, just as for humans. Spike is far from being a fat cat: at thirteen pounds, he is long and lean, and very, very active. Oz is overweight, but not because he was neutered; he's overweight because he overeats, and we're working on that. (He still has a stray mentality: if there's food out, it has to be consumed right away because there might not be food later on.)

Neutering does stop male cats from spraying and it doesn't necessarily make them fat. Unless you have a pedigreed stud cat (I'm not sure if that's the appropriate term, but I'm not a breeder and have no knowledge of breeding cats), there is absolutely no reason not to neuter your kitty. Some cats may continue spraying (male and female) but I'm not sure why this is, or if age at time of alteration plays a part in this.

As for the smell ... There are lots of products on the market to get rid of the smell and the mess. White vinegar and baking soda also do a good job of it, and both are inexpensive and non-toxic. I'm sure other people on this site can give you excellent recommendations of products that worked for them.

Good luck!
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Thank you all very much. Well, I do remember hearing that it takes about a month for the surgery to "work" and that they may still spray and can get females pregnant for up to amonth afterwards so I think I will try the crate idea til then. He never sprays during the day, only at night. Weird, huh?
Anyways, thanks again, I hope it works, otherwise I will be forced to get rid of him and I really don't want to because he was the first pet of my husband and I and we love him to pieces.(of course, we were told he was a girl when we got him.)
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Good luck with the neuter

Harley started to spray about a week before we got him fixed (at 6 months old) he stopped right after we got him fixed - we were quite lucky - I hope your kitty stops spraying!
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Me too, thanks!
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Depends on the male; age, any previous sexual experience. If he's a young male with no sexual experience (breeding) then spraying should be eliminated 100%. If he's been a breeding male for a few years, he still may spray.

Males and females will spray (neutered or not) if they get upset about a strange cat in their territory or if they have medical problems (cystitus, UTI, etc.).

How old is your male? Has he breed before? Is he spraying now?
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He is 1yr and 3mos. I know for sure he has bred at least 3 times because 2 of my females have gotten pregnant by him accidentally, one got preggie twice, second pregnancy ended in a $600 vet bill, all dead babies(they died in the mama), and a very sad mama cat. Don't worry, she's spayed now.
Also, yes, he is spraying now. He only sprayed once and it was on a carrier that I had used with my ferret when I gave him away, so I think he didn't recognize the smell and that's why he sprayed it. He hasn't sprayed anything else though.
I'm not sure about his medical health. We weren't able to take him before because of financial problems, but we are taking him for a checkup and his shots when we get him neutered.
A couple months ago he started losing hair on his ears and was really boney. I thought he had mange and worms. I will never know. His hair grew back and I just dewormed him yesterday. He has fattened up and his hair is getting much better. I changed his food about a week ago, I think that it is what helped w/ his weight gain.
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